Oscar, The Dog that Changed The Internet

Oscar, The Dog that Changed The Internet

Last update: 16 December, 2018

When it comes moving out of your home, there’s something you’ll never want to leave behind: your pet. Your pet is a family member. So, how could you leave them behind? This shouldn’t even cross your mind! And, this is the reason that Oscar is the dog that changed the Internet. If you have never heard about this moving story then you should read about it here at My Animals.

The story of Oscar the dog has touched people’s hearts

Oscar is a dog who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a precious, eleven-month-old boxer that lives with his owner Benjamín and his wife Cristina. From the time Oscar came to their home, the environment was much happier. The three made a new family. They all love and protect each other.

Like any other dog, Oscar loves to eat and go on walks. He also loves to lay on the couch, under a blanket, and lie down next to his owners during cold winter nights.

Oscar is so lucky to have found such a loving family and caring owners! But they couldn’t imagine that life would throw them a curveball and their happiness would be in danger.

The move

Due to getting a new job opportunity and having a better quality of life, Oscar’s owners decided to move to Mexico. Without a doubt, they would take their “canine child”. Very excited, they went to buy the tickets. That’s when they got a very unfortunate surprise. Oscar is a brachycephalic animal. In other words, he has a short, flat nose. This causes respiratory problems from the pressure in the baggage compartment of a plane that can kill him.

Benjamin and Cristina were desperate without knowing what to do. They asked for permission to let Oscar stay in the plane’s cabin with them. But unfortunately, none of the airline companies would allow it.

Another solution is to move him using a shipping company. This costs too much money. They wouldn’t be able to pay the price.

Oscar the dog’s story goes viral

Benjamin doesn’t know what happened. He decided to tell his story with a very touching video. In it, he explained to his “son” the problems they were having. In the video, you can see Oscar listening to his dad very attentively. It’s almost if he understands what his dad is saying.

Benjamín never thought that his story would go so far. It’s been watched 7 million times in just a few days. And, he’s gots around 70 thousand followers on Facebook. Soon after, he started to get messages of support. They came from all corners of the world.

There were even airlines and pilots who told them that they would be able to find a solution. This still hasn’t happened. But at least they have a ray of hope.

The softness that Benjamin uses when he talks to Oscar and explains the problems has touched animal lovers. No one can keep from wanting to help those with a similar problem.

We are able to see our pet as people, as a member of our family. But, unfortunately, not everyone is able to do this. This is the reason we have sad stories like this.

We don’t know how this story will end. We’ll keep you up to date. Hopefully, some kind soul will be able to help this couple and their dog. They just want to keep sharing their lives in another place.

We can’t give you just part of the story. Since we told you about a video, we can’t end this article without sharing it with you. We’re sure you would want to see it. Even though it’s in Spanish, Benjamin’s body language speaks louder than words. Here it is!

Main image source: www.lanacion.com.ar