Should You Carry Your Dog in Your Bag?

Although it can be an advantage for small dogs for certain circumstances, it may cause allergies problems and an adaptation period is also necessary
Should You Carry Your Dog in Your Bag?
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Last update: 21 December, 2022

We love spending our vacations with our pets, or simply taking them for a walk. Sometimes, though, you need to decide what the best way to carry your dog is when you’re out.

Carriers are usually very sturdy, but can be heavy and impractical when talking about small and light dogs. Therefore, carrying your dog in a bag or purse may be more comfortable, but is it a safe option?

Is it safe to carry your dog in a purse?

That depends. If we comply with transport requirements by selecting a good quality bag and respect weight and size limits, it’s perfectly safe to carry your dog in a bag. On the other hand, if don’t make the right decisions, then we put our pets and our own well-being at risk.

Therefore, before transporting your dog, you need to ensure that the bag is suitable for carrying dogs, supporting their weight and allowing them to move and breathe comfortably. There are several options available that are specially designed for our furry friends that you can buy from pet shops and some veterinary clinics.

Advantages and disadvantages of carrying your dog in a bag

We know that in big cities it’s very fashionable to carry small dogs in purses. But before we get carried away by fashion, we need to know if this fashion trend is comfortable and safe for our companions. Therefore, today we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of carrying your pet in a purse.


Dog-friendly bags are a good way of protecting our dogs in the winter.  They act as a shield against the elements that they’d usually be exposed to. This is very beneficial for breeds that are most vulnerable to the cold such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers or Miniature Pinschers.

Additionally, these purses will make it easier for you to go to public places with your pet such as stores and malls, and other places where they’re usually banned. Your furry friend can join you while you go about your daily activities.


First, you need to be very attentive to the possible allergies of your pet. Some animals are very sensitive to certain fabrics and can develop allergic reactions or skin irritations. The best thing to do is to take your dog to the vet for an allergies test.

A dog in a bag.

We need to make it clear that taking your dog out in your bag isn’t a substitute for daily walks. They still need physical exercise to maintain good health, and combat obesity and associated diseases.

P hysical activity also allows them to burn off energy and release tension, avoiding symptoms related to stress and boredom. A good way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle is to use the bag for some parts of the walk.

Tips for training your dog with their new bag

Before traveling with your dog in a purse or carrier, you need to help them adapt to it. Dogs like to be in a routine to ensure their safety and well-being.

A woman holding a dog.

Changing their environment and habits can cause health and behavioral problems.

1. Respect their training time

  • Forcing a frightened animal to do something against its will can be dangerous.
  • Our pets can become defensive if they feel threatened or unsafe and can therefore become aggressive. Exposing them to stressful situations will also encourage negative health symptoms.
  • We need to bear in mind that each dog will adapt to it in their own time. Therefore, we need to be patient with them and respect their individual processes. We can help them by stimulating their curiosity and rewarding them for good behavior.

2. ‘Introducing’ your dog to the purse or bag

Before going for a walk with your dog in your purse, you first need to ‘introduce’ them to it. First, always leave it open and within your dog’s reaching distance. You can also encourage your dog to explore inside the purse by leaving treats or their favorite toy in the middle of it.

When your dog seems content and calm inside the purse, you can slowly start taking them out in it, increasing the duration one day at a time.

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