Can you have a hedgehog as a pet?

Can you have a hedgehog as a pet?

Last update: 21 September, 2018

Different animals are becoming more trendy to have as pets. The days of only having cats or dogs are gone because nowadays people are wanting to have ferrets, snakes and other exotic pets. In fact, many people do wonder if they can a hedgehog as a pet. Have you ever thought about adopting one?

Is it possible to have a hedgehog as a pet?

Most likely at some point in your life, you’ve seen a hedgehog rolled up into a ball and thought that it was absolutely adorable. That’s because they truly are, and their personality makes them very good pets. 

However, like all pets, they also come with their pros and cons. Continue reading to find out if a hedgehog is a right pet for you.

Hedgehog rolled in a ball

Advantages of having a hedgehog as a pet

  • Its calm personality. Its mildness is one of the great advantages of having a hedgehog as a pet. This animal isn’t noisy and doesn’t like to run, jump or do any other actions that require unbridled movements (unlike hamsters). They might purr a little, just like cats, to express that they’re okay.
  • A hedgehog doesn’t require a lot of interaction. Although they’ll enjoy being around you and your family, they don’t require that much attention. This makes them a good pet for people who spend a lot of time away from home because this animal has no problem being alone.
  • This animal doesn’t have to go out for walks. A small cage will be enough to fit his needs. You won’t have to take this pet out to exercise because its small size doesn’t require a lot of space.
  • It doesn’t smell bad. When people adopt ferrets as pets, they soon realize something unpleasant: their smell. This isn’t the case with hedgehogs. It won’t smell as long you keep it and its cage are kept clean.

Although many people worry about hedgehog quills, they’re actually nothing more than hollow hairs surrounded by keratin. It’s true that they show them before they attack, but it’s unlikely that they will use them against you if you treat them with affection.

Hedgehog in a hand

Disadvantages of having a hedgehog as a pet

  • They cannot be together. You might think that if you’re going to have one hedgehog as a pet, you should get another to keep him company. However, this isn’t the case for this animal. It’s impossible for two hedgehogs to get along and survive. The cause of this competitive nature is unknown. When two are together, they will fight to the death.
  • This animal can’t always be kept in its cage. Although it’ll be his main habitat, he has to be taken out every so often to walk around the house. This may mean that he takes care of his business somewhere. However, because of his size, this won’t be too annoying or serious to deal with.
  • He isn’t good for children. As we said before, he has a calm character, but he doesn’t handle stress well. Children will want to take him out and play with him, but the hedgehog may react poorly and activate his spines as a defense.
  • You’ll need a specialized veterinarian. Not all veterinarians have knowledge of all animals. Hedgehogs are considered exotic animals, so they require a veterinarian that is specialized in this type of animal treat any health conditions, which can be quite complicated.

Based on the information above, you’ll be able to decide if you want and can have a hedgehog as a pet. If you decide to have one, you will definitely fall in love with your hedgehog!




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