Breaking: Three Puppies Rescued from a Tar Pit

There are sad stories with sad endings, but there are also those that are sad, but have happy endings. This is the case with the story of the rescue of three puppies
Breaking: Three Puppies Rescued from a Tar Pit

Last update: 09 February, 2018

It’s true: three puppies escaped from  tar pit, unscathed. We’re sharing this story with you because we believe you like happy endings, too! 

Three Puppies in a Tar Pit

Although we can’t claim that these three puppies were intentionally thrown into a tar pit, all signs point to this being the case. Why have we come to that conclusion? Because all three puppies were perfectly healthy, and animals have special instincts.

It is likely that on an “outing” one of them might fell into the pit, but it is virtually impossible and very unlikely that the other two would have also fallen in, after seeing what happened to the first.

Unfortunately, there are still people whose pets have puppies, and they decide to get rid of them in the cruelest way. This seems to be one of those cases.

This story occurred in Murcia,  Spain, when animal protection workers were alerted to the presence of the puppies in a tar pit. They soon came to their rescue and saw the unfortunate situation of the three animals.

Recovering the Three Puppies from the Tar Pit

When the three puppies came to the shelter, the situation was more complicated than it seemed. It wasn’t going to be an easy task to remove all that tar from their fur and skin. In fact, it took several days to get them back to the state they were in before they became victims of cruel abuse.

However, one of them had to be put down because of the very unfortunate state he was in. The other two could not open their eyes or mouths because of the amount of toxic oil they had on them. The first three hours with hot water and soap with an anti grease effects allowed them to remove some of the toxic liquid, but it was not enough.

However, the two volunteers of the shelter in Murcia were unwilling to give up. They kept trying until they finally eliminated all the tar from the animal’s bodies. Then they decided to name each one of them: Chapa and Pote. 

Tar pit rescue made possible

For those who are unaware, “chapapote” is a Spanish word. It describes a tank on a boat carrying tar that exploded in Galician waters. As a result, it polluted the sea water. Thousands of people from different countries came to clean the beaches, and always used the word “chapapote” to refer to tar.

So, these names are perfect for two puppies found in a tar pit. Fortunately, Chapa and Pote are perfectly fine today, and their fur is golden, without any black stains from their sad past. We hope someone adopts them soon!

The animal shelter will not sit idly by in the aftermath of this abuse case, and has denounced the owner of the farm in which the pit is located. They hope justice will be served, if the owner had something to do with the case.

Animal abuse: If you see something, say something

We encourage you to do the same– if you witness animal abuse, report it! Don’t stay silent. Go to the authorities and seek justice for battered animals, because they deserve it, and because they have the right to a dignified life.

It doesn’t matter if it happens on the street or at your neighbor’s, if there are blows and screams, or if the animal is left out in the sun all day, any act that you think an animal doesn’t deserve is mistreatment. You can report it anonymously, and there will be no way for abusers to retaliate against you. But please, don’t stay silent.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.