Mammals are warm-blooded vertibrates. The vast majority of them are viviparous, meaning that they begin development as an embryo in their mother’s womb. Humans belong to this class. In this section, you’ll learn about mammals of every shape and size, where they live, how they reproduce and what their habits are.

Friends Forever: Romeo the Wolf and His Dog Friend

Friendships between animals of different species are always surprising. And when they happen unexpectedly, they’re even more interesting. It’s understandable that when two pets live together, even if they don’t get along to begin with, they end up forging a friendship.…

The Behavior of Packs of Wolves

Perhaps it is because of their close coexistence with humans over millennia. Or, perhaps it is because of their shared ancestry with dogs. (After all, dogs are man’s best friend.) Let’s take a look at how packs of wolves behaves.