Taxis for Dogs at No Extra Cost

Taxis for Dogs at No Extra Cost

Last update: 11 June, 2018

This trend has taken off in some cities, while in others some professionals may offer this service on their own free will.

Pets are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life, and many people are aware that they cannot be left at home all the time. This is one of the reasons why taxis began to allow dogs in their vehicles for an additional fee. Fortunately, today the good news is there are now taxis that allow dogs, free of charge. 

Taxis for dogs: a new trend

Hundreds of dog and animal-loving taxi drivers started a trend to transport pets for no extra cost. This trend, known as “Mascota” (Pet), was founded by Mario Honrado in Madrid, Spain. Due to its great success, many cities decided to copy it and start their own.

So, you can use “Taxiguau” (Taxidog) in Zaragoza and “ChoferMASCOTAS” (ChauffeurPETS) or “Dogtaxi” in Barcelona. Mijas, Malaga, was the last one to follow this trend with “Taxi guau” (Taxi dog). A taxi driver came up with the idea, and he will be the first one to use it. This will surely be a success and more taxi drivers will end up following this trend too.

Even though it was created for Mijas residents, it’s actually intended to be a tourist attraction too because there is a huge influx of travelers who bring their pets to Mijas and Fuengirola.

Advantages of taxis for dogs

Before, taxi drivers would usually ask for the dogs to be in a pet carrier in order to enter the vehicle. However, now this has changed. If you were going to the airport, there was no problem in taking your pet in a carrier.

However, if you would go on a walk or go shopping, it was more complicated because it’s quite a hassle to carry an empty carrier, the dog on his leash, and your personal items, plus the shopping bags afterwards.

dog wearing harness in taxi

Well, thanks to pet taxis, a carrier is a suggestion and not an obligation. You will be able to put a safety harness on your dog just like the seat-belt in your vehicle. This makes it easier for your dog to go everywhere you want to go. You can easily fold the harness and store it anywhere.

How do I get a pet taxi?

Requesting one of these taxis is as easy as calling the taxi service, just like asking for any ordinary taxi. However, you must specify that you are bringing a pet with you because not all the cars are affiliated with this service. Then, from the taxi center, they will locate one pet taxi. It will then pick up you and your dog in a few minutes.

dog in taxis

These vehicles will place a blanket where the animal will be seated in order to keep the seat clean.  This guarantees hygiene for both pet and human passengers.

Likewise, clips will be included on the harness to make sure your pet travels safely and complies with traffic laws.  After every trip, the vehicle is cleaned and the blanket is changed.

For places where services like Dogtaxi, Taxiguau, or Mascotaxi don’t exist, you can ask the taxi service provider about it. There are some that offer a similar service independently, although it’s possible that it comes at an additional fee. 

Trends like these are interesting because they demonstrate how pets are now part of everyday life, and make life easier for both humans and animals.


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