Make Toys for Your Dog with Old Clothes

Make Toys for Your Dog with Old Clothes

Last update: 24 May, 2018

Most people don’t really want to admit it but having a pet is expensive. There are some expenses people can’t afford, so finding ways to save money is not a bad idea. This article will teach you how t0 make toys for your dog with old clothes. 

Toys are something that dogs can’t live without because they help them use their minds. They are also good for their reflexes, sense of smell, and much more. Therefore, don’t worry if your dog needs toys and you don’t have money to buy him any.

Below are some tips that can help you make the toys yourself. You won’t have to spend a single penny because the only thing you need are old clothes, some objects that are normally thrown away and a little bit of your time. Your dog will have the most original toys in the world.

Toy ideas for your dog

Dog drinking water

Here the best ideas for you to make your dog great toys, which will save you some money and have you use your creativity!

Braid made of old shirts

Over time, you have gathered shirts that were once on sale, given to you as a girt or even some that were lent to you.  There are studies that recommend to throw out things that haven’t been used in a year. 

Go to your closet and count the number of shirts you haven’t used in a year.  You will only need three to make this simple easy-to-make toy. Try choosing three different colors that go well together. Then cut off the bottom of the shirt and toss it. Now, cut off the edges and one of the seams in order to make a strap.

Now, make a strong knot with the three strips and braid them together. Once you’re done, make tie a knot at the end.  If you think your dog is able to untie the knot, then you can sew them together with thick thread. Your dog is going to love it.

Rag doll

Rags age quickly and build up without you ever noticing it. It would be a shame to throw them away. Well, now you can make a rag doll out of them for your dog. Cut out some squares and sew them together. Think about the doll‘s color scheme for the head and legs. Then, cut them out with some pieces of a colored cloth and sew them together.  As for the ears, the color of the inside can be different to the outside.

So, go to your closet and count how many shirts you have that you haven’t worn in a year or more! You will only need three for this toy. It’s simple, original, and fast to make.

If you can, choose three shirts of different colors that go well together. Cut out a circle on the bottom part, and discard it. Then cut out another circle and cut it through one of the seams to make a strip.

Tie the three strips into a strong knot. Then, braid them as if you were braiding your hair. When you reach the end, make another strong knot. If you think that your dog will undo the knots very easily, you can sew them with thick thread to make them stronger. Done. Your dog will love it.

Stuffed animal made of rags

Rags get old very quickly, and we accumulate them without realizing it. We feel bad throwing things away! Well, you can use them again. Make a stuffed animal for your dog. Cut out squares from different rags and sew them together.

Think about the color and shape that you want the head, arms, and legs to have. Cut the rag with the color and shape you want two times. Then, connect them. For the ears, you can choose two tones, one that you see on the outside and another on the inside. After, connect them.

Next, connect the head with the body; which are the squares you previously put together. Sew on the hands and ears. Use your imagination for the small details, such as patches for the legs, eyes, and nose.  This model is only meant to give you an idea. There are many more examples that you can come up with! Your imagination has no limits.

Interactive toy with socks

This will be one of the toys that your dog will like the most. Look for all of your old socks and those that have missing pairs. Find a balloon with sections that look orange wedges, and cut between the wedges. In each gap, place a sock with one of your dog’s favorite treats or a piece of his favorite snack.

If you want to make it more challenging for him, make knots with the socks. And you can even wrap an entire ball with a sock. You will see how intelligent your dog is and how he can get all the treats out.

For running

Girl playing with her dog

Make some sort of candy with a plastic bottle (try finding one that isn’t too noisy) by using a long sleeve from one of your old shirts, and a pair of colorful ties. Put the bottle inside the sleeve, and cut the extra pieces of the shirt.  Leave a little bit to be able to close it with the ties, making a candy-shape. Your dog will love running after it!

These are only some toy ideas for your dog that you can make with old clothes. If you know any other toy ideas, feel free to share them with other people.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.