Man Breaks BMW Windows to Save Dog

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Man Breaks BMW Windows to Save Dog

Last update: 03 February, 2018

This news story is that a man broke the windows of a car parked in the sun in order to save the life of the dog trapped inside. The exact incident occurred in Canada, but in spite of a growing number of warnings, irresponsible owners continue leaving their dogs at the risk of certain death all around the world. To balance it out, there are more and more people aware of these topics that look for a way to rescue these pets in these truly mortal traps.

Learn the details of how a little dog was rescued in Ontario

This is the sequence of the events. It was 32 degrees in Grand Bend, a  community situated on the edge of Lake Huron,  south of Ontario (Canada). In the middle of the set-up of a festival, a dog panted desperately inside of a black BMW parked in the sun. This last fact means that the inside of the vehicle had a temperature reaching 50 degrees or more in a matter of minutes.

The organizers of the activity made an announcement from the megaphone demanding that the owner of the car and the pet come forward, but to no avail. For this reason, neither slow nor lazy, a man took a large rock and started to hit one of the windows of the vehicle until he was able to break it and as such rescue the little animal, at the joy and applause of those present.

Here is a video that illustrates the situation. Concerning the dog’s owner, well, thank you. He showed up an hour later.

Leaving a dog alone inside a parked car can lead to death in a matter of minutes. The temperature increases considerably in the interior of a car and the animal has a high risk of suffering from heat stroke.

Why it’s dangerous to leave pets in parked cars

Keep in mind that in the interior of a stationary vehicle the temperature increases. It only takes a few minutes. In addition, dogs cannot easily deal with the heat. So, we at My Animals will not stop repeating this. NEVER, EVER leave your furry friend alone inside a car.

Sure, there more instances that occur in the summer. T he temperature of the interior of a car can increase drastically. This happens even on temperate or cloudy days. Or, it occurs if a car is parked in the shade.

There is always the risk that the animal will suffer serious problems with their health. In fact, they may even die from heat stroke. However, leaving your windows slightly open is not a solution. Basically, the temperature inside the car will still be high. Why? Well, this is due to the overheating of the metal roof.

How to save dog from an enclosed car

If you find yourself in the situation of seeing a dog trapped alone inside a vehicle and with signs of suffering from excessive heat, do not choose indifference. Follow the following steps:

  • Try to find the owner in the surrounding area.
  • Alert the authorities so that they can take the matter into their own hands. You are a witness to a case of animal abuse and for that reason you can and should report it.
  • If you don’t get any type of response and the animal’s situation is getting worse, find witnesses and proceed to try to save the dog’s life, taking it out of the car in any way possible.
  • Give the animal water and try to cool it down while the owner or authority arrives.
  • If the medical condition of the dog is serious, take it to the vet quickly.

Saving the life of a dog or other animal is worth more than the window of a car

The material damage of a good, in this case a car, should not be taken into account when a life is in danger, although some people measure things that way.

Nevertheless, little by little there are changes in legal matters. For example, in various North American states a provision already exists that enables the breaking of doors or glass of vehicles if there is an animal inside at risk of death.

Without looking too far, a recent piece of news in Alicante reveals that upon being unable to contact the  owner, members of the Civil Guard proceeded to break the window of a car to save a dog’s life, in this case a Pit bull exhausted by the heat.

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