Meet Loubie, the Dog that Gives Free Hugs

Meet Loubie, the Dog that Gives Free Hugs
Francisco María García

Written and verified by the lawyer Francisco María García.

Last update: 22 December, 2022


In New York, there’s a sweet animal that gives doggy hugs to anyone he meets. Tourists and residents have fallen in love with “Louboutina”, the affectionate Golden Retriever. “Loubie” gives a little love to every stranger she comes across.

This friendly animal’s is named after the shoe designer Christian Louboutin. Loubie’s owner, Cesar Fernandez Chavez, is a big fan of the designer. Chavez says they’ve never gone on a walk without someone asking for a hug. “It’s a hug-filled walk, and everyone says it brightens their day”, he says.

The beginning of this hugging dog’s story

It all started on Valentine’s day in 2014. Loubie started holding hands with her owner after Chavez had just gone through a break-up. He says the dog would grab his hands with her paws, then cross the paws behind him as if she were giving a hug. As strange as it may sound, Loubie was never trained to give hugs.

Doggy hugs

Those of us with dogs at home know that wonderful feeling of getting a hug from our pet. It’s heart-warming, inspiring, and positive. It’s commonly thought that rubbing a dog’s back is a good way to deal with stress, relax, and forget about worries.

It’s even more comforting to receive a doggy hug out of nowhere, for no reason at all. There are dogs like Loubie who understand that. These dogs frequently hug their owners to show loyalty, admiration, and affection.

Hugs from owners

Dogs believe a hug demonstrate dominance on behalf of their owner. No matter what your intentions are when hugging them, dogs associate it with the owner showing power over them.

While some dogs tolerate hugs well and don’t mind receiving them, others feel threatened or frightened. There are also animals that won’t allow you to hug them. Some will defend themselves with growls or my try to bite you.

A strange fact is that the same dog can learn to enjoy hugs from only one person. On the other hand, they might react differently to another person from the same household. A clear sign that your dog doesn’t appreciate being hugged is when he becomes tense or lowers his head.

Petting your dog

Petting or touching a dog may seem like a simple gesture, but people hardly do it right. Your dog may react unexpectedly in such cases. To prevent this from happening, always ask the owner for permission before petting their dog. There are numerous ways to pet a dog, and each animal will have different reactions to different approaches.

Dogs tend to prefer getting pet on their chest or shoulders. The most negative responses takes place when people touch their snout or face. It’s also a good idea to avoid petting their paws.

A tolerance for touching

Dogs are very tolerant animals. It’s not easy for them to express their discomfort when they don’t like the way you’re petting them. You may not even realize it. Usually a dog will stay put and not react at all. If you notice the dog remains silent or puts his tail down, he most likely wants you to stop.

One trick that always works is to talk to the dog with a sweet and loving tone. This way the animal will interact more often. He may soon start laying down for you. If he wags his tail or rolls over with his legs up, then he likes being petted.


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