Meet the Tortoise with Prosthetic Wheels

Meet the Tortoise with Prosthetic Wheels

Last update: 26 May, 2018

Although stories about overcoming hardship always have a sad back story, we still like to share them with you. Why? Because they can teach us valuable lessons and help us face our own setbacks in life, like the one this adorable tortoise went through.

We’d like to tell you about a special tortoise with an overcoming spirit. He suffered a bitter blow, but it all had a happy ending. Read on!

The tortoise is attacked

It’s shocking, but it happened. The tortoise, whose name we don’t know, had his front legs eaten off by rats, leaving him disabled. His owner, Jude Ryder, spent over 1200 euros at the vet’s office, but sadly nothing much could be done.

Tortoises need their feet. Unlike other animals, they can’t do anything if they lose two of them. They can’t scoot around like an injured dog, for example. However, Jude’s son had a brilliant idea.

He thought that it shouldn’t be so hard to make some sort of prosthesis. He thought of making some wheels so that the little animal could move around. So he got to work — and he was right; it turned out not to be complicated at all! In no time, the tortoise was enjoying a prosthesis and a more normal life.

He was fitted with two wheels that go around his shell. Now he can even go much faster than he did before. I guess we can’t say, “slow as a tortoise” anymore, can we!

We’re so happy that the little tortoise can live a more normal life, all thanks to a fantastic invention by Jude’s son. But also thanks to the tortoise’s fighting spirit and his owner’s love. He never gave up and did whatever he could for his dear pet. Bravo!

A tortoise with prosthetic wheels.

Other animals with prostheses

This little guy isn’t the only one to wear a prosthesis.

  • Muñeca. Muñeca (literally, “Doll”) is a little dog who lost three legs in a park in Venezuela. She was following the lawn mower when they collided. The dog’s three legs were severed and the poor animal could not move. It’s impossible to move with just one leg. However, an animal rights advocate took care of her and provided her with what she needed. Muñeca received her prosthesis and although she’ll never be like before, she now has a better life.
  • Turbo Roo. This little chihuahua was born without his two front legs. As a result, he was abandoned. An animal center took care of him and provided him with a prosthesis for his little legs. Now he can walk, run, and even jump.
  • Rexie. Rexie is little cat who was in an accident that left her back legs paralyzed. However, she was able to go back to a more normal life thanks to the efforts of her owner, who found a prosthesis for her. Rexie today is able to run thanks to her owner’s love and her prosthesis.

These are just a few examples of animals who have been given a second chance. Their lives were turned upside down, but they were able to overcome their difficulties because of their fighting spirit and the support of their loved ones. We don’t need to tell you what valuable lessons we can take from them.

We love to share stories like this one with you, and even if they have a sad start, they have a happy ending! Because happiness doesn’t depend on what you have or who you are, but on how you make the most of what life hands you.

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