Mistakes Owners Make On Dog Walks

Mistakes owners make on dog walks
Mistakes Owners Make On Dog Walks

Last update: 30 May, 2018

Most owners enjoy spending time with their dogs by going on daily dog walks. However, sometimes walking your dog may not be as easy as you would expect. In fact, there are many mistakes you might be making when you take your dog on walks.

If you don’t believe so, below you can find what are some common mistakes dog owners make during walks. Likewise, you will learn how to solve or prevent them from happening. Does this seem interesting to you? If so, stick around to see the answers!

The 5 most common mistakes during dog walks

Some owners believe having their pet join them for five minutes while doing basic chores, such as taking out the garbage, is enough time to take out their dog. The truth is that walking your dog involves much more effort, because the walk should be long enough for your dog to relax.

Two little dogs going on a walk

So, take you time when you’re waling your dog and don’t do any of the mistakes below.

Not letting your dog sniff things

Obviously, when you see your dog getting interested in something gross on the ground, such as urine from another dog, you may try not letting him sniff it. However, let him do it because this is how dogs communicate to each other.

Additionally, sniffing has two important benefits: relaxation, because it allows your dog to release a bunch of stress; and getting to know the neighborhood in order for your dog to know who lives nearby and who you might run into during the walk.

If you have any concerns about letting your dog sniff around, then make sure you get him properly vaccinated and dewormed.  This will prevent any health problems when your dog sniffs things on the street.

Jerking on the leash when your dog starts tugging you

Jerking hard on the leash will not teach your dog anything. On the contrary, it will cause stress and possibly hurt him. If your dog tugs the leash, it is best to buy an anti-pull harness and break that nasty habit. On previous articles, you can find ways to stop dog from tugging the leash.

Shouting at your dog when he plays or fights with other dogs

Shouting and physical abuse are always out of the question when training a dog. The best thing to do if your dog is in the middle of a fight, is to leave the site with your dog as soon as possible.

If your dog always provokes other dogs or feels provoked and then attacks, have a professional train him. Always use positive reinforcement. Likewise, if you try screaming or hitting your dog while he is in the middle of the fight, you most likely will get him nervous and he’ll probably retaliate by biting you.

Do not let your dog get close to other dogs

Socialization is very important for dogs and all pets in general. Therefore, if you are on the street or in the park, you should let your dog get close to other pets and people so he can socialize and develop a friendly personality.

Dog walks

As always, not everything will be rose-colored, and conflicts with other dogs may arise. So, don’t get too frustrated. Be patient and cooperate with other dog’s owner to get a positive result.

Very short or very long dog walks

As mentioned before, only taking your dog with you to take out the trash and letting him walk alone for 5 minutes is not enough because going to bathroom is not the only thing he needs to be healthy.

On the other hand, long walks can be harmful to some dog, it all depends on their needs and personality. A nervous dog will need more time on walks, while an older dog will need less. Your habits with your dog will depend on having a little common sense and adjusting your routine to what your dog needs. Don’t make these mistakes when you take your dog out for a walk and remember to enjoy the time you spend together.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.