If You Don't Like My Owner, Back Away!

They are able to come to love us with a love that is superior to what we can feel for them.
If You Don't Like My Owner, Back Away!

Last update: 26 January, 2018

Dogs are able to feel when someone does not like their master or when they want to harm him. Sometimes we have joked about this by seeing our little friend’s reaction when we act out a scene in which a family member pretends to hit us. Most likely, your dog barked and got a little angry. He does not like who you do not love.

This reaction is no surprise because dogs feel innately that they owe us loyalty. No matter who it is, if someone does not like you, they will also have to stay away from our dog.

This is not just a cliché. It is a fact that has been scientifically proven. We will talk about this study.

Your dog doesn’t trust people who don’t love you

dog on a walk

This study was carried out at Kyoto University, and 54 dogs participated in three different scenarios. In the experiment, the owner tries to open a container while two strangers stand nearby.

The first time, one of the strangers prevents the master from opening the container while the other individual remains still.

In the second attempt, the master asks for help opening the container and one of the individuals helps him while the other is a simple observer.

The third time is the charm. On this occasion, the three people on the stage do not interact with each other.

After watching the performances, the second and third people on the stage had to offer food to the dogs to gain their trust. The dogs rejected the food of those who had mistreated their owners, regardless of whether it was their favorite food. They only accepted food from the third person.

It was thought that this empathy was only inherent in humans. But this study and some others have shown that it also exists in dogs.

Therefore, be careful in the way you treat dog owners. It is likely that karma could work against you, and the dog would treat you exactly as you treated its owner.

How to know if your dog loves you and likes who you like

We cannot deceive ourselves, the truth is that we all like to be defended and feel loved. Dogs are unique in showing their feelings, no matter what they have to do to demonstrate them.

dog and family

However, if there are more members in the family, sometimes doubts could arise about whether our pet loves us the most. How can we know? We’ll give you some guidelines for you to find out. Of course, if you notice that he loves you more than anyone, do not share it so that the rest do not feel bad.

  • What your dog does after eating. Believe it or not, what your dog does after eating can let you see his feelings for you. If it goes to look for you instead of playing with a ball, it is not only a sign of gratitude, but also of love.
  • Where your dog sleeps. Not everyone wants their dog to sleep in his room, much less in his bed. But when your dog insists on doing it, it is because it is attached to you and that is a way of demonstrating it.
  • Its reaction when you leave. That your dog gets anxious is just a sign of separation anxiety. To show that he loves you and that he trusts you, he will stay calm.
  • How much do you love your dog? Dogs can feel how strong your feelings are for them, so their love is directly proportional to yours.

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