Suggestions and Considerations Regarding Wet Cat Food

With so many options on the market, it's easy to feel lost when choosing the right food for your pet. Today, we'll mentions some suggestions and considerations regarding wet cat food.
Suggestions and Considerations Regarding Wet Cat Food

Last update: 24 March, 2020

Before going into whether or not wet cat food is appropriate, let’s take a look at what cats need and what different types of food can offer.

What does a cat’s diet need to contain?

Each animal species has its own particular needs, and cats are no different. In fact, they need 41 essential micronutrients that their bodies are unable to produce. In other words, they must get these nutrients from their food. Some of them must come from other animals, as meat is an essential part of a cat’s diet.

A cat eating canned cat food.

Therefore, if you ever thought about giving your cat a vegetarian diet, think again. A diet lacking in meat will also lack the nutrients a cat needs to live a healthy life.

So, knowing what it is that cats need, what food should we choose to feed them?

Is dry food better than wet cat food?

If your veterinarian has recommended a specific diet in order to manage or resolve a health issue, then follow those recommendations. If not, you should take the following factors into account when choosing your cat’s food:

  • What does your cat like? Your cat may have its own preference and like one type of food more than another.
  • What does your cat enjoy more? Just like us humans, there may be certain textures that your cat dislikes or that it enjoys more than others.
  • How and where you keep your cat’s food. As for wet cat food, you’ll need to have extra space available in your refrigerator. This isn’t necessary when it comes to dry food, so keep this issue in mind when making your decision.
  • Your own preferences. As pet owners, we also have our own preferences when it comes to what we buy. Therefore, you should consider your preferences regarding nutrients, brand loyalty, quality, cost, etc.

The advantages of dry cat food

Below, we’ll list off the benefits of dry cat food for you to evaluate when deciding between dry or wet cat food:

  • The texture of dry cat food is ideal for keeping your feline’s teeth clean and its jaws strong. Because this food is crunchy, cats have to make an effort to chew and this helps maintain their oral health.
  • Dry cat food is easy to store. All you need to do is buy a bag, open it, and reseal it after each use. A lot of dry cat food comes in hard plastic containers with lids that are easy to open and close. What’s more, dry cat foods last quite a long time after you open the container.
  • You can use dry cat food for mental and physical exercise. For example, you can hide it without fear of it spoiling and you can toss it in the air without fear of it staining anything. Both activities are great ways to engage your cat and to get it to exercise.
  • Cat food doesn’t spoil if you leave it in your cat’s bowl until the next day.
  • There are a variety of dry cat foods that offer different textures and sensations for your cat to enjoy.

The advantage of wet cat food

And now we’ll take a closer look at the advantages of wet food for your cat:

A cat eating dry food.
  • Wet cat food helps your cats ingest more water because it contains moisture.
  • You can heat up wet food and thus awaken your cat’s desire to eat.
  • If your cat has oral health problems, then wet food will be easier for it to eat. This is because wet food is much softer than dry food.
  • Your cat will feel fuller sooner because the composition of wet cat food is more filling but not harder to digest.
  • Since wet food comes in individual portions, your cat will be less likely to eat more than it needs.
  • Each product has a different texture, which will give your cat a special treat when it eats.

As you can see, both types of food have their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which option is best for your particular situation. Evaluate your own pet’s needs and preferences, as well as your own. Then, if you think that wet cat food is right for your cat, then go for it!

Source of main image: Flat White Guy

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.