How Owning a Pet Makes You 10 Years Younger

How Owning a Pet Makes You 10 Years Younger

Last update: 23 January, 2018

You already know that having a pet is the best medicine you can receive every day. Dogs and cats (especially) are great company, loyal friends and also a time machine. Thanks to your adventurous companion, your biological clock becomes slower. You can rejuvenate by up to 10 years. Find out more below.

Are you afraid of getting old? Having a pet is the solution

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There is a before and after in our life. The milestone that makes the difference is the moment we adopt a pet. Thanks to your pet, you will no longer feel alone, you can play at any time and receive cuddles at all hours.

If you are having an midlife crisis or an existential dilema with the years that have gone by, the best decision you can make is not to marry, have a child or change jobs … but adopt a pet!

The lifestyle of young adults in the 21st century is very different from that of their parents or grandparents. A good salary, travelling around the world, a latest model car or a successful career are the goals of today. Marrying and forming a family are in the background. That is why many couples decide to have a dog before a baby.

According to a study from the Scottish University of St Andrews, those who have a pet at home get affection, protection and loyalty, but also a delay in the biological clock. This means that a dog or a cat in the home helps us to have a physically and mentally younger and more active life.

Dog owners, for example, do 12% more physical activity. It’s because they have to go for a walk. This also seems to be excellent news for older adults. If they live with a pet, they feel more energetic and less sick.

Having a pet ‘adds’ ten years of life


This does not mean that by having a dog or a cat our brain regresses or anything like that, but that the mind will stay young for much longer. Just as they say that not smoking “adds” years to one’s life, the same happens with pets.

When comparing the mental and physical health of 550 seniors in the city of Dundee (Scotland), it was found that those who had pets felt ten years younger and that their vitality was higher. On the contrary, people or couples that did not take care of any animals appeared to be their age or older. They felt depressed, tired or sick.

As if all this were not enough, dog owners are more sociable people. They also spend at least 15 minutes a day away from home. It may seem like a short time, but for a retiree, having to dress and go to the park is already an event.

A pet can help us feel younger, with greater energy and with a mind up to 10 years younger. If you are going through a crisis because you are over 35 and have not yet conformed with the stipulated social norms, do not worry. Instead of spending time and money on therapists … Adopt a dog or a cat!

Not only will you transform your life, you will also receive love and fidelity for at least 10 years from the moment it arrives in your home. What do you think about looking for your next friend in a shelter? In this way, you will change the destiny of a being full of love, and you will become his hero.

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