Eight Dogs With Unique Markings

Eight Dogs With Unique Markings

Last update: 16 July, 2018

We know that all dogs are unique and irreplicable because no two dogs are alike. However, there are some dogs that attract our attention and stand out from the crowd due to their markings. Get to know more about them in this article!

Beautiful dogs with must-see markings

There is no doubt that our pets leave marks on our hearts, but it is also true that they have markings on their fur that make them even more special. Take a look at these pooches … they are unforgettable:

1. The Heavy-Browed Dog

fur markings
Source: static.paraloscuriosos.com

Human beings do not have the same facial expressions as canines do. One of the reasons for this is that they do not have eyebrows to allow them to express surprise: anger or joy. Instead, they have other ways of showing this. Since dogs do not sweat from their foreheads, they do not need this barrier to protect their eyes.

In this case, our beautiful little friend was born with two thick eyebrows above his eyes. Because his face is white, the contrast is much more noticeable. How you would enjoy seeing him when he is happy! And if you look just under his nose,  it looks like he has a little black moustache, too. As if he were Charlie Chaplin … all he is missing is his hat and cane.

2. The Dog Scientist

A funny backstory for this dog would be that he spent many hours looking through the microscope in his laboratory–we would love to know what cure and what disease he is searching for! Until, one day, his colleagues wanted to play a prank and put paint on the microscope eyepiece. The dog leaned in to see the microorganisms and came away with black circles around his eyes!

3. The Dogs With Heart

It is 100 percent true that our pets are loving beings … but, we would never imagine that they could demonstrate it in such a direct way. This beautiful Chihuahua dog has a heart-shaped mark in the middle of her chest. And the strangest thing of all, is that her puppy was born with the same marking and in the same place! Both will be more than loving.

4. The ‘Two-Faced’ Dog

You probably know the character, “Two face” from Marvel Comics? (He appears in the story of Batman). Maybe this dog wanted to pay tribute to his hero and that is why his face is divided perfectly: half white and half black. So that he does not seem unoriginal, his body is also two colors (black on his back and white on his belly). He could also be called, “Yin Yang.”

5. The Bird Dog …

… Or angel, depending on your imagination. For some, it may seem as if a bird has landed on his face and for others that a guardian angel is protecting him. What no one can deny is that this strange black spot on his white face, is worthy of praise. It is so beautiful!

6. The Dog in Boots

fur markings 3
Source: cdn1.lanubedealgodon.com

We have not mistaken the name of the character. We are talking about a beautiful puppy that seems to have dipped his legs in a container of black dye. Or that he was very cold and put on some socks! He knows how to follow the latest fashion!

7. The Dog With A Mask

Face markings on animals can be quite strange. In this case, we have a lovely old dog with a brown face and a black mask. Would he be a fan of Zorro? Or did he want to go to the carnival in Venice?

8. Batman The Dog

When he grows up, this little pup will be able to fight against the villains (and against the dog version of Two Face that we showed you above). He is already wearing a superhero costume! Will they give him a driver’s license so he can take the Batmobile?

Source of the images: 3.bp.blogspot.com, static.paraloscuriosos.com and cdn1.lanubedealgodon.com

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