The Story of the Stray Dog Who Joined a Monastery and Became a Monk

The Story of the Stray Dog Who Joined a Monastery and Became a Monk

Last update: 16 July, 2018

This dog is not wearing a costume for a party or for Halloween! This is the story of a dog who took holy orders to become a four-legged priest, at a Franciscan Church. Learn more about the story of the stray dog who joined a monastery and became a monk. We will tell you everything you want to know, in this article.

The Dog From Cochabamba Who Became a Monk

Pets always surprise us with their funny ways and their displays of affection. But in this dog’s case, he is attracting attention because his story combines mysticism, religion and kindness—a story that takes us to the Franciscan monastery of Cochabamba. The monastery was built in honor of the Patron of Animals and Ecology, Saint Francis of Assisi.

When the monks living in this temple, saw the dog who was walking alone, they did not hesitate to help him and, of course, to honor the Saint after which the current pope named himself. Without thinking twice, they decided to adopt him as their four-legged companion in the monastery. The name he was given is unique too: “Fray Bigotón” which in Spanish, means, “Brother Moustache.”

Even the dog has a list of tasks to follow inside his new home. On his Facebook account, one of the members of the Order, Kasper Mariusz Kapron, said, “Here is the brother preaching to the fish!” Upon uploading a photograph of the dog watching the fish.

But the thing that attracts the most attention about this image is that… the dog is dressed like a monk! Yup, that is right—he is wearing a brown tunic and a piece of string tied around his waist. Identical to the religious garb that is traditionally worn by monks, except he is missing the customary sandals. Maybe he wears them in the winter?

By helping this dog, the monks not only show love and respect towards animals, but they have also become an example for their community. Perhaps with this attitude, more parishioners will decide to adopt stray animals?

Hopefully then, all dogs and stray pets will have happy lives, just like Brother Moustache–the stray dog, turned monk.


The Dog That Goes to Mass

This second story takes us to Brazil, more precisely to Parish San Jose Operario, in the town of Sorocaba. It would seem that the dog wanted to receive the priest’s blessing. He did not hesitate to enter the temple as the priest officiated the Sunday mass.

When Wagner Ruivo was teaching the Sunday sermon to his parishioners, something caught his attention. The little dog (who was thought to be a stray) approached the altar and the priest, who immediately stopped his sermon to pet the animal and give him affection.

One of the attendees who was present took a photograph of the special moment and sent it to the priest It was uploaded to Facebook with the accompanying words: “I learned that God’s love must reach everyone. Yes—everyone”.

The priest said that he had never seen the dog in the neighborhood before, but he thought the dog had an owner and a family, since his fur was soft and he smelled of perfume.

The dog has not returned to the chapel since. But, if he ever does, the priest affirmed that he will become another parishioner.


The Dog who Sings in Church

If you think the previous story is unusual, you will like this one even more.

At the Church of San Antonio de Padua and María Auxiliadora in Barbosa, Colombia, a dog not only attends mass … but he also sings in the Eucharistic celebrations!

The dog, named White Paws, does not go unnoticed anywhere, as apparently he is assiduous in attending other local temples. When the mass begins, the dog accompanies parishioners, by howling happily so as to be a part of the religious celebrations.

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