10 Reasons I Love My Dog

There are many reasons we love our dogs, but we want to name at least ten.
10 Reasons I Love My Dog

Last update: 03 March, 2018

I love my dog…This is a phrase that everyone with a dog says frequently. Having a furry friend is one of the things that makes us happiest. 

You might be able to tell us many more, but we are sure that you’ll be able to identify with these if you are someone that says: I love my dog.

I love my dog because…

No one makes me laugh like he does

Whether you live alone or as a couple or a family, we’re sure that when you adopted your dog your life changed for the best. A furry friend, with her mischief and tricks, as well as her imitations of us, makes us laugh like no one else.

Her positivity and carefree outlook on life makes us more carefree and happy.

His loyalty is infinite

Anyone that has a dog knows that he would do anything for you without asking anything in return. The loyalty of dogs is infinite. They would protect our life with their own. Who else would do something like that?

I love dogs because they never make you feel that you’ve  treated them badly.

Otto von Bismarck

I can always count on him

Your dog is always there for you, regardless of whether you’re going through a good or bad season. It doesn’t matter if minutes before you had scolded him or were angry.

Regardless of the moment, he will always be there. That and many more are the reason why  you can claim with certainty: “I love my dog.”

No one kisses me like him

If anything characterizes dogs, it’s that they love to give kisses. In any moment and on any part of your body, they will kiss you all over and all the time.

There’s nothing better than a kiss from someone that you love.

I finally have a playmate

Before having your dog, your life was boring, of that we’re sure. Now you have a playmate, someone to hang out with and someone that encourages you to go out.

In addition, he enjoys playing just as much if not more than you, which makes you happy.

I love how she wakes me up

To be realistic, we should say here that there’s a mix of feelings. When your dog comes to wake you up every morning it’s a sign of her interest and love, but the fact that she does so just minutes before your alarm goes off is really annoying.

Nevertheless, you love that she’s the first thing you see every day when you wake up, that you can’t deny.

I love coming home because he greets me

It’s crazy, you’ve only been gone to run an errand and he still goes crazy when he sees you again. Giving off love and affection from every side each time you come home, without caring if you’ve been out for five minutes or all day.

Who doesn’t like it when someone welcomes them with so much delight and smiling?

Even thought it gets on my nerves sometimes, I love that she invades my personal space

When she comes and lies on you, when she is as close as possible on the couch by your side, when she doesn’t let you go to the bathroom alone…It drives you crazy but you love it!

Who better than she to show you how much she loves you?

He always cheers me up

His empathy has no limits, and if he sees you looking sad, he’ll do anything that he can to change that. No one worries about you like him, and he shows it with each and every little thing he does.

I love my dog because he’s my friend and companion

This phrase is without a doubt one that defines the relationship that each one of us has with our dog. He’s our  pet, our loyal companion, our friend, someone that will never disappoint us and someone that we never want to let down.

Do you feel that?

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