7 Home Remedies for Flea Bites

Some people are more prone to flea bites than others. If you are tired of being bitten and suffering from infected wounds due to so much scratching, we recommend that you read the following article, in which we’ll tell about you…

What to Do if Your Pet is Poisoned

Although he uses his senses to decide whether or not to eat something, often times a pet is poisoned from substances not considered dangerous. Find out more about how you can save your pet’s life in this article.

Our Favorite Anti-Flea Treatments

Fleas are a common ill that affects all of our pets. To prevent fleas, we’re going to give you a list of our favorite anti-flea treatments. Grab a paper and pencil and get ready to take some notes.

How to Healthily Treat Vomiting in Dogs

Vomiting is usually normal in dogs. But when it goes on for too long, it could indicate something else. Knowing how to treat vomiting in dogs is important. Let’s be able to help our pet get the help that they need.

Health Alert: Coronavirus in Dogs

The increase of cases of coronavirus in dogs is scary! It worries veterinarians and owners all over the world. An early diagnosis is key.  his way, vets can prevent further complications in the animal’s health. Coronavirus in dogs is mainly due…

Which Vaccines Does My Dog Need?

To avoid contracting certain infectious illnesses, pets need to get certain mandatory vaccines. There are also other optional vaccines that depend on the geographical location or the state of the animal’s health.

How Should Your Dog Sleep?

In this article we will tell you about the different ways that a pet adopts at the moment of rest. The way your dog sleeps shows who she truly is.

Pros and Cons of Neutering a Dog

While many owners don’t agree with this decision, the truth is that neutering a dog can be beneficial, for both the physical and emotional health of the animal. Find out more in the following article.

Common Diseases in Old Dogs

A dog over 8 years old is already considered to be an old dog. In large breeds, it may even be earlier. From that moment on, the animal will begin to suffer imbalances in its health, including Alzheimer’s. This will…