Tips to Keep Your Dog's Food Fresh

Tips to Keep Your Dog's Food Fresh
Francisco María García

Written and verified by the lawyer Francisco María García.

Last update: 22 December, 2022

If our dogs’ food sometimes goes bad and we don’t know what to do to keep it fresh, there are many useful tips. The first thing is to empty the contents of the package into a container. We must keep in mind that dog food also has components that deteriorate when they come into contact with the environment. Think about what would happen with our food. For example, cookies that were packaged for too long.

Some interesting tips to keep our friends’ food fresh

dog and food
  • It is important to get enough food for two weeks, a month at most, but no more.
  • As we do with the food for the human members of our family, we have to check the expiration date of the food we buy for our pet.
  • Once bought, when it’s time to store it, we should conserve the food as long as possible in the same box. When we´ve opened the pack we should close it as best we can to prevent it from coming into contact with the environment.
  • If possible, we should place the box that has already been opened and closed manually in a container that has an airtight seal. And in turn, we should put this container in a cool and dry place following the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it fresh.
  • It’s essential to protect these products from solar rays that could accelerate their deterioration.
  • When it’s time for feeding, there are bowls that help slower ingestion for the dog, reducing risks of indigestion and obesity.

Buying an excess of food

Large bags of dog food are cheaper than smaller bags, comparing the price per kilo. The important thing is that we know how to preserve the food. We want to avoid throwing it away because it has gone bad.

The first thing is to calculate the time that the bag is going to last and check the expiration date. As an example, if the animal eats 300 grams per day, and we buy a bag of 15 kg, it will last 50 days. The dog food should not expire before that date.

If our canine friend has a very demanding palate, we must consider that the flavorings and aromatics lose intensity from the moment that the bag is opened. Therefore, the last kilos remaining will be less appetizing than the first ones.


As we have seen, it is fundamental to protect the dog food in a container that keeps it well-isolated from humidity, oxygen, heat, and direct sunlight. The best materials to keep dog food fresh are metal or glass because they are completely inert. However many plastic containers can work, too.

The place where the food lives should be dark and cool. Placing the bag or container on top of the floor is very positive for good food preservation. It is also acceptable to put a piece of wood or a platform with legs underneath it. This will keep the container well-isolated from the floor’s humidity and will keep it properly ventilated. Humidity causes mold, which doesn’t only ruin the taste of the food, but can also create very dangerous toxins for the health of our four-legged friend.

Wet food in cans

As for wet food that comes in cans, it usually has a very long life while the can remains closed. Once open, it is necessary to consume the food within three days at most. Furthermore, we have to take out the contents and place them in a container with a lid inside the refrigerator. This will prevent it from drying out or smelling bad.


dog and snacks

Snacks must be preserved properly according to what’s indicated on the packaging by the manufacturers, respecting the storage conditions. Those that come in bags with an airtight seal don’t need another type of container to keep them fresh. But if they are in nylon bags or boxes, it is suitable to keep them in containers with an airtight lid; this will maintain the taste and keep them from drying out in a few days.

The most important thing is trying not to accumulate too much food.

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