Tips for Stopping a Dog Fight

First of all, we have to be very calm if we see a dog fight. If one of the animals sees that we are nervous, we could be attacked. The best trick is trying to wet them with water, since the cold will scare or unsettle them.
Tips for Stopping a Dog Fight

Last update: 08 May, 2018

Dogs are territorial animals, and when they see what they consider their territory to be threatened, they can get very angry. Even when your dog is calm, he could become involved in a fight accidentally. If the other dog attacks him, he will not stay still. Therefore, you need to know how to stop a dog fight before seeing yourself in this situation.

We are going to give you all types of essential tips because we know how much you love your pet and how much you could suffer in the seconds that the fight could last. Take note and keep it in your memory in case you see yourself in this situation one day.

What to do to stop a dog fight

Keep cool

Before throwing yourself into the dog fight to stop it, you have to control your emotions. You will not have a lot of time for that, but you will only need a few seconds to know how to act. Once you have read all the tips that we have given you, you will be prepared for it. Therefore, stop yourself and quickly visualize the steps to follow.

You must keep calm; if the animals see that you are nervous, the situation will get worse and they could even attack you. Sometimes, these fights are only a few seconds, so maybe your intervention won’t even be necessary.

Wet them

Once you are calm, there are various things that you can do if you see that the fight is dragging on. For example, wet them. You already know that even if some dogs like water, most of them do not.

Even so, it should be pointed out that, whatever the case may be, cold water will scare them. It is possible that in that moment they will stop fighting and each owner can take their pet away.

Do not pull on the leash

Do not pull on the leash during the fight. This could make your animal even more angry. As you already know, they say that “under oppression, even a wise man acts like a madman.” Why are we telling you this? Because your animal will be blinded by anger during the fight; if you want to force him to separate, it will not be pleasant, and he could bite you instinctively. 

Make noise

If you have something at hand that you can use to make a loud noise, that will distract the animals and stop the fight. Obviously, as soon as you see that the fight has stopped because of the noise, quickly pick up your animal and take him far away from the other.

Put up a barrier

A nearby piece of cardboard, piece of wood, a blanket, or anything that occurs to you could serve as a barrier between the two, giving time for you to take your dogs away. Be careful to not put your hands too close so that they don’t bite you.

Be proactive

Besides knowing how to stop a dog fight, you should also know how to prevent it. Nobody knows your dog better than you. So when he comes across another dog, you will know what he wants from him. Although of course, it is necessary to know this from other dogs that get close to yours, too.

Observe his body language. It is the best way to know what is going on in his head. If you see signs that your dog, or the other, is not going to be friendly, take your pet away quickly and take him to a safe place, such as your arms.

Teach your dog

One of the best ways to stop a dog fight is teaching your pet first to play nicely with others, and second to always respond to your call. If he knows to obey when he hears your voice, he will obey under any circumstance, a dog fight included.

Follow these tips, both those that will allow you to prevent the problem and those that teach you how to stop a dog fight. That way, you will always keep your pet safe.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.