16 Dogs with Self-Control Wait Their Turn to Eat

This true story of self control and well-trained dogs proves that when it comes to model behavior, anything is possible
16 Dogs with Self-Control Wait Their Turn to Eat

Last update: 04 February, 2018

How much can you teach a dog? They say that obedience and perseverance do not have limits. Today we’re going to tell you a story that has gone viral on social media. It’s about 16 well-trained dogs that are capable of restraining their hunger by obeying and demonstrating self-control. Dogs that wait their turn to eat.

In addition, we are going to share this popular video on social media with you. You will definitely be left speechless.

Dogs wait their turn to eat: A story

Having 16 dogs at home is not very common, but not for an American woman who has them, all different colors, sizes, and breeds. It is not clear why this woman has so many furry friends. Maybe she just likes them.

But like in all big families, a hierarchy and pre-established order is needed so that everything works correctly and chaos is avoided. This woman knew exactly how to do that. She taught her animals self-control when it comes to food.

So much so that the dogs that are all in the backyard will not even move when the door opens. In fact, they won’t move until they hear their owner’s voice calling their name.

She calls them one by one, and one by one they respond to her call. All the dogs wait their turn. No anxiety, no pushes, and they wait respectfully. Amazing! You won’t believe it until you see it? Here’s the video:

Any objections? It even has a dash of humor when you see how the dog that was left until the end appears to be angry because he’s the last one. But it’s okay, we can see that there’s food for you, too.

Would you like your dog to be as calm as these dogs when it’s time to eat? The answer is teaching him self-control. It seems complicated, and we’re not going to lie, it is. But it’s not impossible. We’re going to give you some advice so that you can make it happen.

How to teach your dog self-control

Teaching a dog self-control is one of the most difficult things to teach your pet. Difficult, but not impossible. Here we’re going to give you some tips so that your dog will stop having cravings that could even lead him to growl or try to bite if you get too close.

  • Show him who’s boss. As we have said many times, dogs need a leader because they are pack animals. If he lets his instincts and emotions run wild, he will think that he’s the leader of the pack and things will not go well. However, if you get him to be used to eating after you, and that while he eats he must be in his place, he will be less excited for food and he will eat it more slowly. He will have become an obedient dog.
  • Don’t leave his food out. Set schedules and put out his dish only when it’s time to eat, preferably only two times a day. That way he will know that it depends on you, and he will obey your decisions.
  • Try to get him to sit. As soon as dogs know it’s time to eat, they go crazy and jump around. Don’t let him do that. Tell him to lie or sit down until you have given him his food. To achieve this, walk around in circles with the food and don’t pay attention to him. It won’t be more than ten minutes until he’s calm, and then you can serve him.

This video is only one example of many others that are online. From our point of view, this one is the most spectacular because it has so many different dogs. If you want your pet to act like they do, follow our advice and teach him self-control.

Source for the main image: www.recreoviral.com

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