5 Things Puppies Don't Know How to Do Yet

Puppies don't know how to do many things adults dogs can do for themselves. Thus, you should remember to be patient when you train your puppy.
5 Things Puppies Don't Know How to Do Yet

Last update: 30 November, 2018

When most people decide to get a dog, they end up adopting a puppy because they’re fun, adorable, and very sociable. However, there are things that puppies don’t know how to do yet. You should take these things into consideration when it comes to training your puppy at your own pace.

Things puppies don’t know how to do yet

Puppies are adorable, cuddly, and very energetic. When many people choose to add dogs into their families, they decide to get a puppy. However, young dogs won’t listen to commands yet and they have to be taught everything.

Aside from commands, there are other things puppies don’t understand. There are certain skills they haven’t learned yet because they’re too young. So if you want to start training your puppy, you must be aware of the things that puppies don’t know how to do yet.

1. Being alone

Up until your puppy came home, they always have been accompanied by their mother or siblings. Coming to a strange house and being alone is something they may not be ready to face yet.

Being alone means more than having to wait for you to get home from work. It also means being alone in a room for a while and also during the night. Many people lock puppies up during the night, but it may be a situation they don’t know how to deal with yet.

A puppy biting a chew toy.

Puppies learn to be alone with time. As they grow, they become more independent and want to explore without being glued to their human families.

You can also teach your puppy to be alone with brief outings or by getting them to play in an empty room. However, you should do it slowly.

2. Controlling the strength of their bite

Puppies are still unable to control their strength and many are unaware that they can hurt others with their teeth.

In addition, they explore the world through their mouths, so they’ll play with their human families and objects until they hurt them or destroy everything.

Normally, they quickly learn they need to control their strength. They do so by playing with their siblings or with other puppies. They practice biting each other to discover the acceptable limit. If your puppy hasn’t learned how to do it with other puppies, they will learn little by little.

Puppies playing and biting each other.

Give them chew toys knowing that they’ll destroy them. They’ll learn not to break everything with practice.

If they also want to play with you, stop the game when they’re hurting you. This way, they’ll see that they have to be moderate with the strength of their bite and they will learn how to control themselves soon.

3. How not get overexcited

Although adult dogs tend to be lazy and appreciate peace and quiet time, puppies are really overexcited.

In a home where there’s a lot of activity, such as loud TVs or many visitors or kids playing, an adult dog will be able to control themselves.

This is another thing puppies don’t know how to do yet. They like excitement and noise and don’t know how to relax. Thus, if you don’t control when your puppy has had enough excitement for one day, you’ll end up with an hyperactice puppy that’s unable to relax or rest.

4. Concentrate: One of the things puppies don’t know how to do yet

When you have a new puppy, you most likely would want to teach them new commands: sit, paw, roll over, or bring you things. However, perhaps your puppy isn’t ready to learn yet. Focusing and concentrating on what you’re trying to teach require a bunch of effort on behalf of your puppy.

Puppies’ brains aren’t prepared to concentrate on one task for more than a couple of minutes. It’s physiologically impossible for them. After they’re about five months old, they’re able to concentrate long enough to learn simple commands. Before that age, training your puppy will probably be useless.

5. Control their bladder or bowel movements

When your puppy has had all their vaccinations and your vet gives you permission to take them out, you’ll probably be eager for them to start going to the bathroom outside. However, even if both of you try very hard, they may still not be ready to control their bladder or bowel movements.

Yes, you can start training them to relieve themselves outside, but they’ll need some time to learn. They’ll need a few weeks of training and you have to be very patient.

When people bring a new puppy into their home, they’re very eager to teach them new things and turn them into the “perfect” dog.

However, you must consider that there are things that puppies don’t know how to do yet because they’re not ready. With a little patience and time, you’ll see positive results.