Travel to These 5 European Destinations with Your Dog

Back in the good old days, there were several cities where pets could use public transportation and enjoy certain facilities that allowed them to enter. They could even enjoy the snow or the beach.
Travel to These 5 European Destinations with Your Dog

Last update: 11 October, 2018

If you’re planning your next summer vacation and don’t want to leave your pet in someone’s care, you can take him with you! Of course, you should take him to places where he’s welcomed. In this article, you find out about some the best European destinations to take your dog to.

What European destinations can you take your dog to?

More products and services are designed for pets and their owners in the European Union. If you’re planning your next vacation, and want your best friend to come along with you, then pay attention to the following European destinations that the both of you could travel to:

1. Berlin

The German capital is one of the most pet-friendly cities on the entire continent. You can take your pet on public transportation without no problems what so ever (even if it’s a Great Dane or Newfoundland). Also, many restaurants have pet-friendly facilities and special menus.

At the same time, you’ll find a lot of parks with exclusive dog areas and shops that you could take your dog without any restrictions. The only exception is establishments that sell food. In order for your dog to get some exercise, bring him to the runways of the old Tempelhof airport that was closed in 2008.

2. Zurich

Of course, this list of European destinations you can take your dog to wouldn’t be complete without the Swiss capital. The land of the St. Bernard and the Bernese Mountain dog accepts pets almost everywhere. If you have one of those breeds, it’s the ideal place for them because they can enjoy the snow and mountains.

Bernese Mountain dog in the snow

Otherwise, you can walk around Affoltern am Albis, between hills, farms, forests, and crop fields. Also, in downtown, you can go to several restaurants, hotels, and stores that allow dogs to enter.

3. Paris

The City of Love is also one of the most excellent doggy capitals. Keep in mind that in order to take your dog to Paris, hotels and restaurants allow pets as long as the animal meets their size and weight requirements.

However, there is no problem if all you want to do is go on a walk through the city’s beautiful streets and bridges with your best friend. Also, you can go shopping at the malls because they also allow the entry of “four-legged” clients.

4. Malaga

Spain isn’t one of the countries that really welcomes dogs in public places– yet. Recently they have allowed them in subway stations of Madrid and Barcelona, and in a handful of shops and hotels. However, Malaga is different because it has sunny, beach-filled destinations that are perfect for you to explore with your pet. 

A woman taking a selfie with her dog

Dogs can enter at least 12 beaches, to play in the sand and even take a dip in the sea. Both the subway and the bus accept “considerably-sized” pets, and in the city center you’ll find several shops that will allow your best friend to enter with their arms wide open.

5. Amsterdam

Not only is Amsterdam the city of bicycles and bridges, but it’s also one of the best European destinations to travel to with your dog next summer. Pets are treated like family members and are allowed in the vast majority of establishments. 

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable evening of games and exercise, you can go to Flevopark, which has lakes where your dog can splash around and swim freely. Another option is Vondelpark, the most famous park in the Dutch capital. It has exclusive areas just for pets.

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