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Why You Shouldn't Punish Barking

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We'll share with you why you shouldn't punish your dog when he barks.
Why You Shouldn't Punish Barking
Last update: 28 February, 2018

We love it when our dog barks while we play with him or when he is defending our home. But if your dog barks when he shouldn’t, it could be annoying for you and others around you.

Although it might seem annoying on some occasions, the truth is that we shouldn’t punish him, as this behavior is normal. Since his way of communicating is very different from ours, we consider his barking a strange behavior.

Therefore, we’ll share several reason why you shouldn’t punish your dog when he barks.

6 reasons why you shouldn’t punish your dog when he barks

There are many reasons why a dog barks and he has grounds for it. Nonetheless, if after analyzing it, you notice that your dog continues without any apparent reason, it’s best to go to the veterinarian and examine him. Nevertheless, these are some reasons why you shouldn’t punish your dog when he barks, as he does:

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  1. In order to communicate. As opposed to us, our dogs can’t talk, and the way they communicate is by barking. They may bark to “talk” to you, to request water or food, or attention. They may do so to communicate with other animals, whether they’re peers or not.
  2. Fear. If your dog feels threatened by something, or believes that you all are in danger and she feels unable to protect you, she will bark. Do you believe that you should punish her for that? Definitely not.
  3. Playing. This is one of the most common causes for our dogs barking. He loves barking at us while we play with him. He’ll also do so with other dogs, other pets or other people. Just as we laugh when we play, his barking is a way of expressing his happiness.
  4. Hunting. Even if your dog is not a hunting dog, whenever he goes out for a walk he is on the lookout for something to eat. It’s possible that the joy of finding something may make him bark. He’ll do so more if he’s with other pets, to let them know.
  5. Separation AnxietyIf your dog spends a lot of time separated from his owner, his way of expressing his loneliness and sadness may be through barking. If the owner leaves him tied up or on the balcony alone, it will be more likely that he’ll do it. If you see that happening, report it!
  6. Alarm. A strange sound or weird smell near your house will alarm the dog and he’ll bark to warn you. Another reason why you shouldn’t punish him.

5 other reasons why your dog barks

  1. Because of you. It’s possible that your dog has barked since she was little and you encouraged it. Now it annoys you, but, be honest, who is to blame?
  2. Pain. If your animal is hurt in some way, his way of mitigating that pain will be barking. Remember that it’s the only way he has to communicate.
  3. Stress. Repetitive behaviors are a sign of stress or anxiety in dogs. In the same way that some turn around in circles all the time, it’s possible that yours has turned to barking. Instead of thinking that you should punish her, think about whether she has a problem that you should try to solve.
  4. Demanding attention. If you spend many hours working, of course your dog goes crazy when you come home. You may be tired and want to take a shower and rest. Your dog doesn’t understand that, so he’ll try to demand your attention by barking. Pay him some attention.
  5. Frustration. Animals also get frustrated when they don’t understanding something. For example, if you hear a child crying, they don’t know why they’re doing it – that’s why they bark.
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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make your lives whole.

– Roger Caras-

These are some normal reasons why a dog will bark and why you shouldn’t punish him. Be patient and loving, dedicate time to your pet and help him with any problem he may have.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.