8 Smells Cats Love

Just like humans love the the smell of certain foods, there are some things cats can't get enough of either. But be careful! Some herbs and flowers can be toxic or act as a narcotic if your cat eats them.
8 Smells Cats Love

Last update: 20 August, 2018

Cats have a much better sense of smell than us. They also have a better sense of what smells they like and don’t like. Do you want to learn a few of the smells cats love? We’re going tell you about them now!

Find out what smells cats love!

examples of smells cats love

Valerian root

This herb is like a narcotic for cats. If they smell it or eat it, it might seem like they’ve gone crazy. However, once they get over its initial effect, they become completely relaxed and might even fall asleep. It’s a great way to calm your cat down before a trip, for example.


The plant known as catnip is a plan you might have had in a flowerpot during your cat’s entire life, because it’s evergreen and grows extremely fast. The chemical it gives off in its smell, terpenoid tepelactone, is what attracts cats to it.

This substance can make your cat playful because they chase after imaginary prey or roll around on the floor as if they were drugged. Now you probably understand exactly why your cat has always tried to get near these plants…


This is an unexpected plant, isn’t it? Olive does the same thing as catnip. Its main component, oleuropein, which helps cats relax. So, don’t stop your cat if you ever see him chewing on olive leaves. Just keep in mind they might start to move around in a strange way, because it has a narcotic effect over them.

Olive oil is also extremely beneficial for your cats, because it has very positive effects on their overall health and mood.


Besides just being very relaxing for pets, especially cats, chamomile is also great for treating eye inflammation and allergiesChamomile essential oil can work wonders, but you can get the most benefits out of fresh leaves.


Cats love flowers, especially roses, daisies, and lilies. However, be careful because cats can smell them but definitely shouldn’t eat them. Some flowers are toxic, and eating them could cause major health problems or even kill them in some cases. 

The best way to allow your cat to enjoy these smells without eating them (which could be fatal), is to use essential oils instead. 


A lot of fruits have large amounts of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, along with purifying effects that are good for their overall health.

Maybe that’s why cats love their smell so much. Don’t worry, because almost all fruits are good for pets. So if you’re eating one and your cat comes up to smell it, go ahead and give him a piece. It’ll be great for his health!

fruits, some of the smells cats love


Honeysuckle is an evergreen plant that only blooms in the spring. That’s when the smell from its flowers will really start to invade your cat’s nose.

You can keep a honeysuckle plant at home, but once the berries start to grow you need to keep them out of your cat’s reach, because they’re toxic to cats. As usual, you can buy some honeysuckle essential oil and make your cat happy that way–he will love the smell of it and relax.


Who doesn’t like lavender? The fresh smell it gives off is pleasant to everyone, including cats. It has no special benefits, but your cat will love smelling it, so you can put some it in bowls around the house. You can also use a chemical free air fresheners to spread its aroma all over.


Everyone loves basil because of its powerful aroma, and cats especially love it, because it has an activation effect on them.

Let your cat come near and enjoy the smell of a plant that puts it in a nice state of mind. As you can see, there are a lot of smells cats love, just be careful because some of them can be harmful to cats.

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