What is the best leash for your dog?

It's important to have your dog walk properly. This means you should give the leash some slack becasue if you don't, you might ending up hurting your dog or causing other health problems.
What is the best leash for your dog?

Last update: 01 October, 2018

Nowadays, according to the law, your dog must be leashed during walks. Also, in addition to keeping your dog close to you, leashes are a means of communicating with your dog. Read this article to find out what will be the best leash for your dog and how to improve your walks with him.

The different leash types

There are many different types of leashes on the market. However, not all are good. Some may even hurt dogs, because they are uncomfortable, or because they create a lot of tension. Likewise, not all means of restraining a dog are good. Always choose a harness over a collar, and get rid of punishment collars.

The importance of using a leash properly

You can transmit a lot of information to your dog through a leash: if you’re relaxed, tense, or scared. You often do this unconsciously, but your dog collects all this information on every walk.

If you tug on the leash, your dog will think that something dangerous is approaching, and you are on the alert. On the other hand, if the leash is loose and hanging, the dog will be relaxed and comfortable. Putting tension on the leash means stress or danger and your dog will react by feeling excited and nervous.

Also, you can injure your dog if the leash is attached to his neck or if your dog is wearing a type of harness that can hurt him, the walk will cause him pain. Taut leashes bother the dog’s body, but can also cause health problems. For the sake of your dog’s physical and psychological health, you must walk your dog with slack on the leash.

Woman walking her dog with slack on the leash

At the same time, it’s important to teach your dog not to pull on the leash. However, it’s just as important that you don’t pull on it either. As a dog walker, you should never pull on the dog in any direction during the walk, especially towards you because it hurt him and make him feel nervous.

Extendable or flexible leashes

Extendable leashes are intended to allow the dog to roam as much as he wants until he reaches a certain distance and the plastic container on the leash will suddenly tug on the leash. These leashes are meant to be taught leashes, and they can hurt your dog. There are many other reasons to stop using this type of leash:

  • The dog always feels the tension
  • When we use the brake or the leash reaches its end, it strongly tugs on the dog
  • The dog doesn’t know how far away it roams.
  • If it falls on the ground, it makes a lot of noise and can scare the dog, and might cause him to run away
  • They are made from hazardous materials that can cause burns due to rubbing. If several dogs get entangled, they can be harmed.
best leash for your dog


A lasso is a rope leash that has a ring on one end. This ring is inserted is used to make a movable loop that fits around the dog’s neck. This kind of leash is the same thing as a choking collar because when the dog pulls, it tightens around your dog’s neck and squeezes him.

Of course, an object like that can’t be the best leash for your dog. You need to have a nice walk with him without inflicting pain. Likewise, you should avoid any collar that has movable parts.  It would be better to use a harness.

Long, fixed leashes

The fixed leash is the traditional one, composed of a long cord. On one end it has a carabiner in which to hook the dog’s harness, and on the other, it has a handle to latch it on to comfortably. They can be made of many materials: from braided rope to nylon, leather, colored fabric, etc.

There are many types of fixed leashes on the market.  You can get some pretty inexpensive leashes to luxury leashes made out of expensive materials, such as leather. Don’t use ones that are made out of chains because they are very heavy and uncomfortable, both for the dog and you.

The best leash for your dog

No doubt the best leash for your dog is a fixed leash of at least one that’s a meter and a half long. Only with a fixed leash, you can teach your dog not to pull, and walk him without putting any tension on the leash.

In addition, the dog will have enough space to walk without pulling only if you provide the length mentioned above. Although it seems odd that the longer the strap, the more comfortable the walk is, and the less pulling there will be.

Since the law requires you to walk your dog on a leash, be sure to choose the best one to have better quality walks. Leashes are also a means of communication, and they can harm your dog. So, it’s important to teach your dog to walk without pulling.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.