10 Things Your Dog Wants You to Know

He needs to talk, it's so funny! How many times have you said that referring to a dog, or how many times have you been told that about yours?
10 Things Your Dog Wants You to Know

Last update: 14 February, 2018

Dogs, despite not speaking, transmit feelings and attitudes that say a lot. But, do you know that if your dog could, he would tell you at least 10 things?

Whether dogs have feelings or not has been a topic of debate for many years, with two very clear sides: dog lovers and non-lovers. Since we are animal lovers just like you, we believe that although they are irrational beings, they are sentient beings.

That is why they feel things towards us that they would like to tell us, but that is impossible for them because they don’t have the ability to speak. So, here we have the 10 things that your dog wants to tell you.

10 things that you need to know about your dog

  1. My life won’t be very long. At most 14 or 15 years. If you plan to leave me alone for more than two days, you will greatly hurt me. Dogs were created with the need for being next to someone. Unlike cats, that can be left alone for several days, dogs need companionship.
  2. With patience and time, I can learn anything you want. You must understand that a dog does not have the ability to reason, and therefore, teaching him to do something becomes a complicated task. However, with time and patience, your pet will never disappoint you.
  3. I am dependent on you in every sense, including emotionally. If I don’t sense your confidence, I will feel a great emptiness and emotional damage. Dogs need to feel loved and needed. Thinking that you don’t love him or that you don’t trust him will definitely hurt him.
  4. Do not punish me or lock me in a room when I do something bad. You have your work, your hobbies, and your friends, but do you know what I have? Only you! So, positive reinforcement always works with animals. Punishment only hurts and creates rifts in relationships.
  5. Talk to me about whatever. Although your dog cannot understand you, he will feel loved and needed if you chat with him whenever you have a chance.

More things your dog would tell you

  1. It doesn’t matter how you treat me, I will always love you. Dogs’ loyalty goes beyond the treatment they receive. They never forget us. Even when they have been abandoned, they will always remember their owners.
  2. If you ever think about hitting me, remember that my teeth could break your bones and I decide not to.
  3. Before yelling at me because I don’t obey like usual, stop yourself and think. Maybe something is wrong… There are many factors that can make a dog act differently, such as an illness, hearing impairment, or depression. Don’t act spontaneously and do something that you could regret.
  4. When I am old, don’t abandon me. Take care of me and treat me with affection. Remember that one day it will be your turn. Our love for our pets must go beyond beauty or youth. Why abandon and reject the one that has been our most loyal friend for years when he gets old? It’s not fair!
  5. When you adopted me, you did it thinking about the good and the bad. Stay by my side at veterinary appointments like I do when you feel sick. Dogs are empathetic by nature, and we love being spoiled when we are sick. Why not reciprocate in the same way?

Your dog is devoted to you, so much so that his loyalty would lead him to give his life to save yours. Don’t you think that’s a good reason to fulfill these 10 things that your dog wants you to know?

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