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Why is My Dog Snoring?

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If your dog snores and you want to know why and what to do about it, we will help you answer these questions.
Why is My Dog Snoring?
Last update: 27 January, 2018

There are many diseases similar to ours that dogs can suffer. They can also have the anomalies that we have. For example, many are concerned about dogs snoring. But as in our case, when a dog snores, it does so for a reason.

Not all dogs do it, therefore it is not something that comes from the species but it depends on the dog itself individually.

Reasons why your dog snores

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The causes of snoring in dogs can be varied. In fact, some are more prone to do it than others. For example, flat-nosed dogs snore a lot due to their anatomy and their peculiar nasal system.

Snoring in short-nosed dogs

The bones in its nose are shorter and narrower than usual, so air has less space to reach the lungs and stays hitting the walls of the nose. This causes a noise that sounds like snoring and often forces the animal to breathe through the mouth.

Although without even breathing through the mouth, the simple noise that its nose makes sounds like snoring and they have it constantly, not only when they sleep.

When your dog snores but doesn’t have a short nose

Dog recognize new worlds through their sense of smell. It happens that while it investigates the world around it, millions of small particles enter its snout, obstructing it.

It is best to visit the vet who can unclog it and help your dog to stop snoring.

Disease, another reason why a dog snores

There are anomalies that can make our dog snore, an excess of mucus, for example. This causes a blockage and narrowing of the passage through which the air must reach the lungs.

However, snoring can also be a warning of a more serious illness, such as infections in the respiratory tract or throat, or even tumors in the snout.

What to do if your dog ​​snores

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Sometimes it also happens that the dog is in a strange position that makes it hard to breathe well. If your dog does not normally snore and you hear it, try to move it gently so as not to awaken it. If the snoring persists, other measures must be taken.

As we told you at the beginning, dogs should not snore. It is true that the noise of flat-nosed dogs is something innate in them, so it cannot be solved. But in the case of other types of dogs, if they snore, there is an underlying problem that needs to be fixed.

How can we fix it? It’s easy, you have to take it to the veterinarian. He is the only one capable of diagnosing the reasons why a dog snores. He is also the person to find the solution to it.

Therefore, although it may seem funny to see a dog snoring, we must remember that this is not normal at all. Therefore, we cannot take it lightly, and we must treat it as soon as possible.

The saying goes that prevention is better than cure, and a dog’s body is made in an exceptional way, like ours. Therefore, anything strange that has not happened before can be a sign that something is not working as it should and it is best to act quickly and put our animal in the hands of professionals.

We hope that this article has helped you, and that following the advice your dog stops snoring. Sweet dreams!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.