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Yorkshire Terrier: Small Dog with Big Character

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This breed is able to live with all kinds of people. In fact, that's only one perk of this small dog
Yorkshire Terrier: Small Dog with Big Character
Last update: 21 December, 2022

If you are considering discovering the advantages of having a Yorkshire Terrier as a pet, it is essential that you know that it is a small dog that does not need large spaces to live. Yorkshire Terriers adapt to any place and does not usually invade the intimate space of its owners. A small space is enough for daily exercise. In addition, it does not require a large budget to feed it properly or expensive equipment for training.

Living with a Yorkshire Terrier

This breed is able to live with all kinds of people. He is a trusting animal that shares his affectionate disposition with any person who is kind and has enough good humor to spend some time with him. They love their owners, and their carefree and generous nature makes them interact perfectly with other dogs.

Although they live very well with animals larger than themselves, the difference in size can cause accidents. Many Yorkshire Terriers have been injured by larger dogs that playfully caught them with their mouths or accidentally crushed them.

Protection and guarding

It is true that it is not the size or size of a guard dog, but the Yorkshire Terrier is very protective of his house and his people. He still possesses the courage of his terrier ancestors: he is not afraid despite his small stature.

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A Yorkshire Terrier will exhibit its strong temperment and disposition when it is protecting the owner’s house, car or garden.

Its character

Yorkshire Terriers have a great memory. They love having fun, and playing is imperative for them. Any game, essential as it is, they love it. Whether it is rolling a ball, chasing a rope or running after an object that is thrown at them.

Its extroverted personality and its playful attitude make it the ideal dog for people both young and old.

Children and Yorkshire Terriers are natural friends. Once again, we must mention the small size of these dogs. Of course, it is necessary to be cautious with children, since many times they tend to think that the dog is a toy that can be dragged from one place to another and moved at will.

But they are also ideal companion animals for the elderly. The grace they have and their delicate forms are excellent for those who stay at home for whatever reason.

Interiors and exteriors for a small dog

Simple walks through the garden or the inner courtyard allow the Yorkshire Terrier to exercise without having to leave the house. They are ideal pets for people who live in an apartment or for those who live in small apartments without going outside very often.

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And although they do not need it, they also get excited about their trips to the outside world. They love playing on the grass and digging. It will be a perfect companion when you decide to take a field trip.

Capacity for socialization

This type of dog has a strong sense of family. They know, by instinct, who arrives home earlier or when someone has arrived late or is not at home. If the people it loves have not returned yet, the puppy will not sleep.

It is important to emphasize that you should not give in to more whims than necessary, no matter how much love we have for our pet. A dog — of this race that is — that is too spoiled, is difficult to live with. Consider that the Yorkshire Terrier has character and determination. If he realizes that he can get away with everything he tries, he will surely become stubborn and obstinate.

Caring form them

The Yorkshire Terrier breed has a tendency to suffer from some hereditary eye problems. Among the most common are cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, dry keratoconjunctivitis or ulcerative keratitis.

The disease of L-CP, which is frequently observed in young Yorkshire Terriers, has an important impact on them. It causes a lameness in the hip joint as a result of the head of the femur collapsing.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a healthy and adaptable dog. With a good hygiene, bathrooms, cleaning its teeth, deworming and the necessary care for its coat, it will be an excellent roommate who will adapt easily to the life of your home.

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