A Tribute to the Most Famous Dogs in Film and TV

The animals stars in advertisements, films, and cartoons, bring back childhood memories in many people.
A Tribute to the Most Famous Dogs in Film and TV

Last update: 21 August, 2018

Dogs have always been part of human life and therefore they’ve also been the stars or played a role in many films, TV shows, or even cartoons. Today, we’ll take a journey through time to remember some of the most famous dogs. You can probably think of many yourself. Continue reading to see if you know any on this list.

The Most Famous Dogs in Film and TV


The famous millionaire dog (his photo is at the top of this article), who’s starred in many series such as Aquí no hay quien vivawill always live on in our memories. He was an intelligent and obedient dog that you could always count on to stick to the script. Although he has sadly passed away but he will never be forgotten.


How many of us have grown up with Lassie? This little Collie was the star of his own series, including many other films and series.

Lassie is one of the most famous dogs


This Akita played the role of Hachiko in a true story film that was one of the most loved movies by viewers. The sad film broke many records. The heartwarming story and dog actor moved the hearts of everyone who saw it.

Hichako standing on the tundra


The black dog from films such as The Wizard of Oz, was a terrier who in real life was named Terry. He was the star of other series and films. This dog was so talented, he ended up playing a better role in every film he stared in.

Two black terriers in a basket


How could we ever forget this chunky Saint Bernard? As of being a puppy to adulthood, he stood out for being very naughty and getting up to plenty of mischief. Despite his role, he always remained noble and ended up being the hero in several scenes.

Beethoven the Saint Bernard


Uggie played an incredible role in the film, The Artistan almost silent movie which won an Oscar in 2011. His star-like acting had him become the first dog to have his paw prints placed in the cement at Grauman’s Chinese theater. Incredible!

Uggie standing on a welcome mat

White Fang

Probably everyone remembers the Husky that starred in his own movie, which told the story of a happy dog that lived in Western Canada. One day he was sold to a fierce owner who used him to fight against people and other dogs. He had to fight to get back to his old quiet life, but did he ever make it?

A Husky at the vet


When talking about famous dogs in films and TV you might remember that little pug who played a funny role in the movie Men in Black. Well, his real name is Frank, and thanks to that film, many people have wanted to adopt a Pug just like him. They’re so cute, don’t you think?

A pug running on the beach


A recently married couple fell in love with a little Labrador that turned their lives upside down. There were many times when they thought about getting rid of him, but the bond between them was stronger than their despair. Will Marley ever change some day?

A white Labrador looking upwards

The Andrex Dog

From the moment people saw that little Labrador puppy tugging on roll of toilet paper and dragging it all over the house, they completely fell in love with him. Obviously, no one would ever want their dog to do that at home, but if they ever do, it would be so adorable.

The Andrex dog

And the Most Famous Animated Dogs

Although they weren’t real, all of them were part of everyone’s childhood, and some continue to touch people’s heart today. As a child, you might have thought that they really existed, and even though you know better now, they still live on in your memory. Here are some of the most well-known canine cartoon characters:

  • Josef. Heidi’s big lazy Saint Bernard that had a hard time to move a single muscle in his body.
  • Pluto. Always got his friends into a mess, but he was so affectionate that he was always forgiven.
  • Snoopy. The leader of a gang of kids, although no one else realized it.
  • Scooby Doo. This dog always accidentally became a detective, constantly solving mysteries.
  • Slinky. The unforgettable sausage dog from Toy Story.

These were the most famous dogs in film and TV that we could remember. Be honest, could you remember all of them?


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