BarFriendly, the First Restaurants for Dogs

BarFriendly, the First Restaurants for Dogs

Last update: 11 May, 2018

The time when you heard even on many terraces, “Sir, you can’t be here with your dog” has ended. Today there are more restaurants and bars that welcome PetFriendly; it has come to be known as BarFriendly.

They are restaurants and bars that allow you to come in with your pet, some not just only on the terrace, but also inside. We are going to tell you about it.

BarFriendly: the first restaurants for dogs

They say that the first restaurant for dogs appeared in Belgium, but it was more than just a place where you could go with your dog. It was a restaurant where your pet could eat.

This bar’s specialty is a beer that tastes like bones for the reasonable price of three euros. The idea came about because the owner, an animal lover, realized that owners went out to walk their pets, and when they wanted to stop to have a drink because they were tired, the animals were not allowed anywhere.

dog waiting

It occurred to him to open a place with right of admission: only dogs. Inside, both owners and pets can stop, sit down, and have a snack calmly while they recover from their walk or simply for enjoyment.

Soon other restaurants and bars followed suit. Even though they were establishments for people, they allowed entry to dogs not only on the terraces, but some even inside the establishment.

In fact, in Marbella, Spain, there is a place called Mama’s Bakery that allows dogs to enter. So much so that it has become a place full of dogs with their owners. And they are as welcome as the owners are. The first thing that they will do when they see you come in with your pet is bring a bowl of water for the animal.

BarFriendly: where can you find restaurants for dogs?

Although not in every country, several restaurants for dogs can be found in Europe. For example, there are many in Spain, especially in the most famous cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

A restaurant for dogs in Granada should also be pointed out. The two animal lovers that founded it have gotten legal authorization so that you can go with your pet.  What a success!

In Barcelona you can find:

  • Sol i Lluna. This restaurant is BarFriendly to the extreme. Even if you don’t have a dog, when you pass through the door you will know since there is a bowl full of water for pets.
  • Calders. Dog lovers. Surely if you decide to go with your pet he won’t be missing fresh water. It is possible that he even gets a treat.
  • Can Solé. Located on the Barceloneta, one of the most famous areas of the “Ciudad Condal,” in this restaurant they will be so friendly with you and your dog that you will want to go back again.

In Madrid you can find these:

dog in restaurant
  • El perro y la galleta. Its name already indicates that dogs are welcome in this establishment. The final goal of the owner of this place is that dogs and people have a good time together. And that they share a cookie!
  • Frida. One of the restaurants for dogs in the Chueca neighborhood of Madrid that you can share with your pet.
  • Wanda Café. A modern and colorful place that your pet will love and where he will be very welcome.
  • Vailima. A place in a privileged part of the Spanish capital: in front of the Puerta de Alcalá. Even though it started out as a cafeteria to have a small snack, today it is much more than that. You and your pet must discover it.
  • Pico de gallo. Eating a burrito with your pet is no longer a dream, you will be able to do it in this place. Careful that your pet doesn’t go crazy with that smell, it’s better to buy one for him.

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