This Cat Visits Owner's Grave Daily

Toldo had a special perference for the head of the house: his owner, Renzo
This Cat Visits Owner's Grave Daily

Last update: 27 January, 2018

The story of Toldo, an Italian cat, is an example of the love and loyalty that animals show us. This love seems to even transcend death. Would you like to know what this cat did that was so exceptional? He visited the grave of his owner every day.

The Story of Toldo, the Cat that Visited the Grave of His Owner

Toldo, the happy cat that lived in a small village in Italy, lived joyfully with Renzo and his family. Like all animals that are pets, he loved all of the members of his family. However, he had a special preference for the head of the house: the aforementioned Renzo. 

The two went everywhere together and Renzo seemed to be the one who cared about him the most. This is why it is no surprise that when Renzo died, Toldo, the cat, was one of the first to follow the coffin. This did not surprise the widow or any of the locals.

After his owner had been buried, Toldo began to go daily to the gravesite to bring gifts. These gifts consisted of things that Toldo could easily bring down the street: flowers, branches, papers, etc. It was his peculiar way and it was within his reach to tell his owner that he loved and missed him.

The New Owner of Toldo, the Cat

Toldo was passed into the hands of Renzo’s widow who lived her daughter. They visited the grave of their beloved father and husband every day, and from the first day they found a twig of acacia. In their words, “I didn’t doubt that it was Toldo, the cat.”

Neighbors and friends of the family are eyewitnesses to the every day visits that Toldo, the loyal cat, makes to his owner’s grave. 

The love that Toldo felt for Renzo was something that everyone, friends and family, knew. One more piece of evidence that the love of animals knows no bounds.

This fact has been shown by many animals that have done the impossible for their owners. Would you like to take a tour with us?

  • Bobby. Bobby was John Gray’s dog that a Scottish cop kept as a companion. Gray died of tuberculosis and Bobby accompanied the coffin at the funeral and stayed by the grave of his buddy for fourteen years, until he eventually died. Loyalty for life, in every way.
  • Fido.  This little dog has a story similar to Hachicko’s. He accompanied Luiggi, his owner, every day to the railway station. However, World War II had Luiggi recruited and taken to Russia. Fido continued to wait for him at the station for years.
  • Collie. This is the story of Collie, a dog from Argentina. He arrived at his owner’s grave when they buried him. Although his family wanted to look for him to take him home, he always ran away until he could hide between the tombs so that no one could find him. He stayed by the grave of his owner for 9 years, until he died.

These are only some example of animals like Toldo, that have shown an extreme level of love and loyalty towards their owners. There are many other stories that we have shared on our blog that you will love to read.

It’s not important whether they are cats or dogs, rabbits or hamsters, animals always fill us with joy. This is something that should move us to do the same and treat them with the same affection, love and respect with which they treat us.

We know that these are not the only stories of loyal animals, full of love. Do you know any others? Share it with us and honor these self-sacrificing, self-denying animals.

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