Domestic Birds that Sing the Most

In addition to their attractive chirps, these species grab the attention of many people due to their colorful plumage. However, adopting certain animals as pets is banned, due to illegal trafficking or the common person’s inability to give them the specific care they need.
Domestic Birds that Sing the Most
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Last update: 22 December, 2022

If you are interested in adopting a beautiful and active bird to brighten up your home, try starting off your search by learning about the different types of species.

Domestic song birds stand out the most due to their vocal ability, but they also grab everyone’s attention because of their beautiful and colorful plumage.

Which Domestic Birds Sing the Most?


Goldfinches are small birds with amazing personalities, vocal skills and undeniable beauty. It is not by chance that this species has won a bunch of prizes in singing competitions that give their owners bragging rights. In addition to their powerful and unique songs, their voices are remarkably delicate.

Ever since the eighties, this species became very popular worldwide. However, possession of a goldfinch is considered illegal and you can get fined in many countries. This is because of the increase in illegal trafficking of this species, in which many owners have them living in poor conditions.

 Goldfinch sitting on a branch

Goldfinches are also protected in countries like Spain, and their domestic ownership is highly discouraged. They are sensitive birds and can easily become ill when they’re caged.

Therefore, your best option is to admire their beautiful and wonder voices in their natural habit.

Canaries: Passion in the Form of a Bird

Among domestic bird breeding practices, canaries stand out as the most popular breed on the planet. Canaries are birds that adapt well to small spaces, are inexpensive to take care of and require standard care. Not to mention, all the joy that canaries bring to their owners’ lives.

The canary is a beautiful bird with intense-colored plumage and they sing delicate, cheerful songs. The males have a more intense and elaborated register than the females, but both genders possess truly lovely vocal skills.

 Canary sitting on a tree branch

Having a canary in your home means you will wake up to a beautiful melody every morning. They are a perfect pet for people who want to go about their daily lives in a better mood.

Although it’s legal to keep canaries as pets, owners must know how to properly care for them to ensure they are in excellent health.

Blackbirds: The Beethoven of Birds

Among the domestic birds that sing the most, blackbirds stand out a lot because they know to being the “Beethoven birds.” Blackbirds are able to memorize and reproduce a huge variety of songs. Not only that, but they can also imitate sounds. Therefore, they can create complex and elaborate melodies that resemble certain songs.

Breeding domestic blackbirds is banned, but you can attract them to your garden with certain types of seeds. It’s quite pleasing listening to their beautiful song and you can appreciate the beauty of their intensely black feathers.


The nightingale is an autochthonous bird of European and Asian forests. They sing in a number of different tonalities. Interestingly enough, these birds pass on their melodies to successive generations of nightingales.

 Nightingale sitting on a ledge

Female nightingales teach their chicks the melodies their parents passed on to them, creating a beautiful family heritage.

They are very simple-looking birds with brown feathers. However, their voices shine with unique delicacy and power. Nightingales have different singing habits than other birds. Not only do they sing at dawn and dusk, but they also sing during the night.


One of this bird’s most striking traits is its reddish color on parts of its face and chest. It has a gentle and delicate song that attracts female robins and bird admirers. They stand out for their great level of socialization and are very comfortable and trustful of humans.

 Robin sitting on a wooden post

Robins are typically migratory birds and travel for miles in search of warmth. When wintertime begins in Europe, these little ones fly towards Central Asia and the Maghreb. However, there are several specimens remaining in the British Isles, the Canary Islands and in the American continents. 

There have been findings of several artistic representations portraying redheads during the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. Plus, Viking mythology also mentions these small and colorful birds in their stories.

The robin’s song has been appreciated by humanity for many centuries.

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