8 Ways in Which Dogs Improve Our Health

Various studies have shown that dogs improve our health. So, man's best friends are the pets that most benefit the well-being of human beings.
8 Ways in Which Dogs Improve Our Health

Last update: 27 August, 2019

A large number of people have a pet in their home. And a large percentage of those pets are dogs and cats. Various studies have been carried out that show that dogs improve our health. So, man’s best friend is the pet that most benefits the well-being of human beings.

Ways in which dogs improve our health

  1. Reduced risk of cardiac disease

Dogs improve our health in a number of ways, including the prevention of heart attacks. Several official studies have indicated so. Having a canine in your home means having to go on daily walks, which means the owners exercise every day as well. This simple physical activity contributes to preventing cardiac disease.

Dogs improve our health.

Some experts recommend walking at least 3 hours a week with your pet. By doing so, dog-owners can prevent all kinds of cardiac accidents.

Furthermore, pets improve a person’s mood and state of mind. Petting and snuggling with your dog actually helps to combat stress–another factor in heart health.

  1. Reducing stress levels

When we pet animals, the human body releases oxytocin–a hormone that has to do with emotional stimulation. In other words, when we spend time with our dogs, it actually improves our mood. Thus, having a pet in your home reduces stress levels.

Taking your dog for a walk, playing with him, or simply having your dog by your side can be very positive. Petting your furry friend every day means improving your physical and emotional well-being.

  1. Dogs lift our spirits

Another way in which our dogs improve our health is by lifting our spirits. There is a great deal of proof that people who have dogs are happier. Dogs and cats help be uplifting to those who are sad. Spending time with a pet causes the human brain to release serotonin and dopamine. These two hormones have to do with happiness and pleasure.

Pets are marvelous company. Many people feel safe, happy and protected just by the simple fact of having a dog in their home.

  1. Dogs help to strengthen the immune system

Living with a pet from a young age helps to keep allergies and asthma at bay. Children who live with pets from the time they are small develop a stronger immune system. Therefore, they also have fewer chances of suffering from respiratory illness. So, having a pet in your home will add vitality and resistance.

  1. Pets help those who suffer from diabetes

People with diabetes experience drops in their glucose levels, and some dogs are able to detect this imbalance. Low blood sugar is a chemical alteration that is detectable for certain animals. Don’t forget that our canine friends are very intuitive and intelligent.

In fact, there are foundations that exist to train dogs for these types of cases. These dogs learn to detect low blood sugar levels and alert their owners.

  1. Animals increase life expectancy

As you can see, dogs offer a number of major benefits to their owners. People who have an animal in their home are often happier, healthier and can even live longer. Dogs improve our health and can, as a result, increase our life expectancy.

For people who are solitary, introverted, or that have problems with socialization, dogs are ideal. This is the case with the elderly and people with autism, etc. Animals can make a huge difference in a person’s life. They improve concentration and social interaction.

  1. Therapies involving dogs

These days, dogs are trained to help children and adults with certain disorders and conditions. There are many programs in existence in schools, hospitals, etc.

Every day, dogs need to go out for a walk. At the same time, their owners need to feed them and take care of their hygiene. These kinds of routine activities are perfect for children with disabilities. They help to improve concentration and stimulate cognitive function.

  1. Social interaction

Pets are a good resource when it comes to social stimulation. When we take out pets out for a walk or to the park, we can interact with other pet owners. For children, nothing is better than taking their dog for a walk. Dog-walking is a powerful therapy that improves attention and socialization.

A couple walking a dog.

In this modern technological era, we are all greatly dependent on our digital devices. We check our messages on our smartphones while we’re walking, taking the bus, etc. So, having a dog becomes very important because it helps us disconnect. Going out to walk your dogs gives you the possibility of getting to know new people, face to face. It gives us the opportunity to have face to face encounters with our neighbors, etc.

Dogs playing in the park are the perfect excuse for striking up a conversation with others, including strangers. Little by little, day after day, you begin to develop friendly relationships with different pet owners in your area.

Source of the main image: Hugo A. Quintero G.

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