Going to the Park With Your Dog: Tips for a Good Owner

In a place full of dogs, it’s essential that the owner and his pet respect others. To this end, it’s necessary to collect the excrement, and the animal has to be trained to obey commads. It also has to be vaccinated and dewormed.
Going to the Park With Your Dog: Tips for a Good Owner

Last update: 08 November, 2020

When we take our dogs to the park, we sometimes see other dogs that behave badly and we can’t stop thinking why their owner doesn’t do anything. But, will the others wonder the same about us? When you take your dog to the park, you should make every effort to be a good owner. How can you do this? We’ll give you some tips to achieve it.

What to keep in mind when taking your dog to the park

Before taking your dog to the park, you must fulfill several requirements that will make you a good owner. This will also prevent many from thinking badly of your dog or you. Here’s some advice.

It must be dewormed

Your dog won’t be the only one in the park, so it must be properly dewormed so it can’t infect others. I’m sure you’re grateful that other dogs are dewormed to keep your’s safe.

In this sense, we can apply the following: “don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you”. Besides, if your dog is properly dewormed, this will protect it, as it’ll prevent street parasites from sticking to its skin and fur.

Collect its excrement

Regardless of the time you spend in the park, your pet may feel the need to relieve itself. Independently of the place, you must pick it up up. This isn’t only a rule of civility, but a law.

Dog running outdoors.

Additionally, this will help you maintain good relationships with the other owners, who you’ll hang out with while your dogs play.

If your dog is in heat, you’d better not go

Not only will this protect your dog if you don’t want it to have puppies, but it’ll also ensure a good environment in the park. Can you imagine the chaos a dog in heat could cause in a place full of dogs? It could lead to fights, they could run into the street, or even bite someone trying to separate them.

Make sure it obeys you

Before taking your dog to the park and allowing it to interact with other dogs, you should make sure your dog is capable of following some basic commands. For example, being quiet, coming to you when you call it, or stopping it from doing something it shouldn’t.

Even if dogs that go to the park, including yours, have a good nature, sometimes there can be misunderstandings that could be easily solved with a command – as long as the dog obeys it.

Dog scolded by his owner.

Don’t let it out of your sight

Don’t take your eyes off your pet at any time. It doesn’t matter if you know it’ll behave, or if you already know the other dogs. A thousand unexpected things can happen, and it’s your duty to pay attention. This will allow you to react quickly in case there’s a problem, and even hold on to it if necessary, to avoid your pet being attacked.

Take everything you need with you

Even if the park has a fence, you should always have the leash with you in case of a confrontation. On the other hand, bags to collect excrement, water, and some treats to give it while it has fun are other necessary items when taking your dog to the park.


Vaccines are another important aspect to consider, as they constitute a law that we must comply with. These won’t only protect other dogs, but also yours.

Take into account all these aspects before taking your dog to the park, and everything will go smoothly. Enjoy your walk as a good owner!

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