Dog Parks - Make Your Walks More Exciting

Your pet loves dog parks, and you'll love taking them there. 
Dog Parks - Make Your Walks More Exciting

Last update: 16 November, 2019

Today we’d like to talk about dog parks. Particularly, how dog walks can be boring at times – not only for you but for them as well. In fact, the animal may not even be getting the amount of exercise they need out of just walking around the block.

The Canine Society suggests certain sports you can encourage your dog to practice. Running, for instance, is an activity you can do pretty much anywhere.

Also, going swimming with your dog if they like water and you live near a large body of water. Or, try playing frisbee if there’s an open field nearby. Keep in mind it’s kind of difficult to practice this type of sport if you live in the city. There may be a place to do so but it might be too far from where you live.

So, don’t despair because there’s such a thing as dog parks created just so you can have a good time with your dog. These places are great for maintaining your dog in top shape thanks to the activities you can both do there.

Dog parks are a great way to have a good time

A dog seated on top of a post.

Some countries are pioneers when it comes to creating special dog parks for them to exercise while also having a good time.

In fact, some of these parks have always been a part of these cities and were merely set aside as a place for pets. Some of these lovely areas have trees, grass, benches, and even fountains.

In addition, there are playground areas with obstacles and enough wastebaskets in which to throw away your dog’s waste bags. You must walk along with your pet at all times as they may not be ready to do the obstacles in the park on their own. Also, if you go there during summer, try to do so either early in the morning or later in the evening. Just make sure it isn’t too warm out as the shady areas may not suffice.

There are dog parks in nearly every neighborhood as well as other options for your pets to have a great time.

Things to keep in mind when you go to a dog park

If you don’t have one of these magnificent dog parks, then you may have to take advantage of the streets in your neighborhood. However, you must be aware that there are some rules you must follow.

Here’s a list of them for your convenience:

  • Your dog must be accompanied at all times. Also, they must be on a leash regardless of their size or breed.
  • Maintain control. Just because you’re in a street it doesn’t mean your dog can do their business just about anywhere. Stay in control and keep them out of certain areas so you won’t have problems with your neighbors or local authorities.
  • Your dog must wear a muzzle if they have aggressive tendencies, regardless of the breed.
  • You may take them off a leash if there are specially designated areas for this purpose.
  • Don’t lose sight of them. As sweet and affectionate as your dog might be, their attention could annoy people. So, don’t let them get too close to others and respect the fact that some people just don’t like animals.
  • Keep your dog out of any outdoor gyms, children’s playgrounds and any water fountains.

Enjoy walking with your pet wherever you take them; but, observe the rules at all times.

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