Meet Nirvana, a Real Sea Dog

Meet Nirvana, a Real Sea Dog

Last update: 23 July, 2018

There was once a man from Spain who decided to leave his boring life behind and travel the world in a kayak. Along the way he hooked up with an abandoned dog who would become his faithful travel companion. Meet Nirvana, the sea dog!

Nirvana’s Story

Tired of the mundane drudgery of his work life, in 2013 Sergi Basoli decided to ditch his life as an engineer in Barcelona and do something that he’d always wanted to do but had always put off.

His dream was to travel around the Mediterranean in a kayak. As with all adventures, there are some things that you just can’t foresee or plan for, but one thing he never expected on his journey was to find the perfect travel companion.

On the streets of Alghero, Sicily, this intrepid traveller found someone who would become the ultimate faithful travel buddy. The abandoned dog, Nirvana, suffered from seasickness but little by little began to enjoy travelling in a kayak, turning into a first-class passenger. She become a real sea dog!

Thanks the internet, Sergi was able to share his travels on his website, telling everyone all about the people and countries he visited. One of Sergi’s main principles was never to pay for a place to sleep. This wasn’t just to save money, but to make it more of a challenge and create truly unique experiences.

With this way of thinking he’s met all types of very hospitable, kind people. Sergi takes a laid-back approach to travel so he can always enjoy whatever comes up and stop where ever life takes him.

To make sure they have some basic income, Sergi and Nirvana sell art made out of natural materials they find on the beaches. They do it at night, and when daylight comes, the adventure continues.

A Day in the Life of Nirvana, the Sea Dog

Nirvana the sea dog on a journey

Their way of travelling is simple and peaceful, and it’s all about enjoying the journey. They travel between 10 and 30 km per day, over a period of 4 hours. Naturally, in winter their journeys are a little different and shorter.

After three years living like this and having traveled over 5000 km around the Mediterranean coastlines, Sergi says the dream lives on, especially with Nirvana by his side.

Ever since Sergi was little he’d dreamed of being Indiana Jones or a pirate. Now at this stage in life he has begun to enjoy everything nature has to offer, as well as the kindness of the people he meets.

Pets on Board

If you ever take a dog or a cat to sea, you’ll need to take good care of them. If your furry friend gets nervous or seasick, talk to a vet about it. They may be able to prescribe medication to prevent illness or vomiting.

It’s best for your dog or cat to travel in a carrier, where they can enjoy their toys, things to chew on, food, etc. It’s also a good idea for your dog not to eat for a few hours before travelling. However, they should still be well-hydrated, drinking plenty of water the whole time, especially in the summer.


Make sure that your pet is wears ID and is completely up-to-date with check-ups and immunizationsIf they go missing, having identification on them will greatly increase your chance of getting your pet back.

Microchip ID information should be current and if possible should include a cell phone number to make it easier to get ahold of you.

Travel Bag

A travel bag for your dog should contain:

  • A towel, shampoo, brush, and de-worming products.
  • A collar and leash for walking, as well as a muzzle, especially if your dog’s breed is “potentially dangerous” or if the boat regulations require it.
  • Dry food travels easier. With canned dog food, you’ll have to throw away whatever you don’t use if you don’t have a fridge.
  • Carry a bottle of fresh water so your dog doesn’t get thirsty on the journey. The water should never be too cold because it can damage their stomach.

Image source: Instagram of sergibasoli