Faithful Dogs: 5 Amazing Cases

Find out about these devoted animals and the devotion they show towards their owners, even after death.
Faithful Dogs: 5 Amazing Cases

Last update: 09 December, 2018

Faithful dogs are common, but here are some special cases showing their loyalty to their owners. Evidence shows that some stay in the place where their owners are buried.

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Faithful dogs feel a special devotion toward their owners. So, in some cases, these loyal friends stay close to the graves of their owners. Others wait at the door of the hospital where they saw them for the last time.

Below, you can read about these moving stories that prove not only how devoted these dogs are to their owners, but also their sixth sense and their incredible sense of direction. As a result, some of these loyal dogs have become famous and have even been inspirations for movies. In this article, there are five examples of some of the most faithful dogs in history. 

Canelo in Cádiz

Canelo was a dog that lived in Cádiz, Spain, in the eighties. Sadly, he was the only companion of his owner, a lonely man, and he went everywhere with him.

For years, Canelo went with his owner once a week for dialysis treatment, where he waited outside the door

One day the man died, due to complications, during the treatment. Canelo waited outside the door of the hospital for 12 long years.

Canelo never moved from that place and the neighbors brought him food and water. He had won the hearts of everyone who knew the story. Without a doubt, he is one of the most faithful dogs in history.

Faith yellow lab gazing out the window

Bobby in Edinburgh was one of these faithful dogs

Bobby was a dog that lived in the mid 19th century. His owner was a policeman in Edinburgh, Scotland, and they were always together. One day the policeman died suddenly of tuberculosis. Bobby went with the procession to the cemetery where they buried his owner. 

In an act of incredible devotion and extraordinary loyalty, Bobby stayed by the gravesite for 14 years, until he died. Consequently, people in the area praised him, and they gave him food and shelter in the winter. He turned into a real legend, admired and loved by all.

El Gaucho in Uruguay

El Gaucho was a dog that lived in Uruguay in the sixties and was one of the most faithful dogs to his owner. One day the owner became sick and had to be taken to a hospital that was over 30 miles away, which made Gaucho very sad and lonely.

Therefore, El Gaucho decided to look for his owner and started the journey through rivers and wetlands until he found the hospital.

The lonely dog waited outside the hospital where his owner was staying. Seeing this, people working at the hospital and their neighbors admired his loyalty and they brought him food. When his owner died, El Gaucho howled in a heartbreaking manner.

This faithful dog went with his owner to the cemetery where he was buried. He stayed there by his grave for 30 days. After that, he started to go into town to look for food, but every afternoon he returned to sleep over his owner’s grave.

German Shepherd sitting on his owner's grave

Collie in Argentina

Collie is another one of the most faithful dogs in history. He went to the cemetery de la Piedad in Rosario, Argentina on the day that his owner was buried there. He stayed on his owner’s grave and slept. 

The following day, the family of the deceased went to look for him. Because Collie didn’t want to move, they let him stay at the gravesite until they returned with a leash. There was no way to move him from the grave and he refused to abandon his owner. He stayed there for 5 years.

Fido in Italy, another faithful dog

Fido lived in a little town in Italy in the late 1930s. His owner Luigi, a young man who worked as a carpenter, took the train to work every morning. Therefore, Fido went with him to the train station every morning and also waited for him at the station when he returned from work.

In 1943, Luigi was drafted into the army and was sent to the Russian front. His faithful friend continued to wait for him in the station every afternoon, searching for him among the other passengers. Consequently, Luigi never returned, and Fido, one of the most faithful dogs in history waited for him for 7 years until he passed away.

In conclusion, it seems that animals never cease to amaze us with their qualities. Their love shows in their devotion. In many cases, dogs set the example that we humans should follow.