What Treats to Give Rodents

Although rodents are timid in nature and distrustful of new foods, they will taste them. Be careful what you offer though because not everything is healthy for them.
What Treats to Give Rodents

Last update: 18 November, 2023

Rodents have voracious appetites. If you have a rodent as a pet, you need to make sure they don’t eat too much. You also need to avoid unhealthy treats to protect their well-being and health. We’ll give you some ideas of treats to give rodents.

You can offer your pet treats, however, that let you vary their daily diet without affecting their health. They may not be things you always have at home, but we hope this will give you a few ideas.

The best natural treats to give rodents

These natural treats are recommended by rodent owners from different parts of the world. We recommend, however, trying in small quantities and observing how your pet feels afterward. If there no change in their stools, you can increase the amounts within reason.

Roasted nuts

This is a great choice to offer your pet! It’s important not to go overboard though. You can also use these to train and domesticate rodents, so you can keep this trick up your sleeve for when you need it.


Not all rodent species will love this treat, but you can try it with your pet to see if he likes it. Whether raw or lightly cooked, this meal is delicious however you prepare it. Kale really seems to do well with small animals.

You can cut it into small pieces so they can enjoy themselves by looking for it everywhere. Or you can give them larger pieces that they can take to their favorite place to eat.

Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are a great treat to give rodents. They are also so simple to make. You can cut them in half or in bits.


Rodents seem to love any kind of pumpkin. Cut off the top, leaving the seeds, and place inside your rodent’s enclosure. That way they can climb inside and fully enjoy it. You can also separate out the seeds, wash, and dry them. Then you can offer them to your pet as a special treat.

Pumpkins are one of many natural treats to give rodents.

Other treats that rodents will love

Some processed treats that you eat regularly might also be great treats to give rodents. We don’t recommend these to make up most of their diet, but as special treats every once and awhile.

Rice pudding

Hot or cold, this is a great treat for your pet rodent. Be careful, however, not to offer this treat at a temperature that could hurt your pet. It is perfect for cold nights when you’re having a bowl as well. Why not share with your pet?


Especially in strawberry or peach flavors, this is a nice, fresh treat for summer. It helps to keep your little pets cool, who will undoubtedly love it.


There are many different kinds of cheese you can try with your rodents. Most likely, you already have a good selection at home you could offer them. The softer cheese can be sticky in their mouths, so make sure to only give them small pieces.

A rodent eating cheese.

Your rodent will be sure to love you if you give him this as a treat every once and awhile. Avoid giving them blue cheese, however, if your pet hasn’t eaten it before.


Invite your friends to spend Friday night watching a movie with a big bowl of popcorn to share. Then, you can share it with your pet as well! Avoid popcorn with artificial flavors though. The best way is to buy your own corn and pop it yourself. That way, you can give it to them without any added salt or butter.

On special occasions…

These foods are real treats to give rodents but should be given sparingly. However, when you do give them to your pet, they’re sure to be very well received.

Prawn crackers

These crackers are an ideal treat for your pet. They also love shrimp cakes. If they’re homemade, however, rather than storebought, it’s much healthier for them.

Chicken nuggets

This is another way to give a nice treat to your rodent. Ideally, you can cook these in the oven to give them something delicious, but healthier than if you fry them.


If you love pizza, why not offer a small portion to your pet? Be especially careful with anything too spicy or with thick cheese that could get stuck in their throat.

We do want to warn you, though, about bad treats to give rodents. Always think about what is best for your pet in the long run before giving it a treat. Your pet’s health is in your hands and the healthier the food you feed them, the longer they will live.

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