How to Report Internet Videos Showing Animal Abuse

How to Report Internet Videos Showing Animal Abuse

Last update: 02 July, 2018

At the first sign of animal abuse, My Animals encourage you to report it. The question you may ask is, how to go about this? We believe, if we each do our part we can eradicate evil. We want to give you all the necessary tools to help you to do this.

For this reason, we dedicate this article to explaining how to report animal abuse. Either through the Internet or other means.

Animal abuse is a widespread evil

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Despite efforts by different organizations and individuals, there are still so many animals abandoned on the street. Depending on the country, the animal may have it better or worse. For example, Turkey will take great care of stray animals. Local people often provide strays with something to eat and drink.

However, there are countries where abandoned animals die of hunger, or worse, of diseases. Diseases that can easily be cured or prevented.

Before they are abandoned, many stray animals are victims of animal abuse. Especially if they were not lucky enough to be rescued by an organization from the start. There have been many stories of dogs left chained and alone in rural areas. Some animals have even been seen to be thrown from a moving car, in which they are also dragged through the ground. What should you do if you witness something like this?

How to report abuse online

Whether you witness abuse in person or in videos circulating the Internet, your duty is always to report it.

The large number of social networks provides content for all tastes, regardless of whether it is macabre or harms animals. Unfortunately, and although it is hard for us to believe, there are many people who do enjoy it.

In order to be able to report this type of video, you must do the following:

Do not share these videos

The goal of videos on sites like YouTube or social networks like Twitter, is to gain as many followers as possible. The reason is, the more followers someone has, the more financial compensation they will receive. If we share these videos, even simply out of the indignation we feel, we will not actually help the cause.

Get to work quickly and stop the spread of something so cruel.

Collect evidence

Anything that you can collect is excellent when you are filing a complaint. Find out the owner’s username for the owner of the video and look to see if they post on other pages and networks. Copy the links of all the pages where it appears, make screen grabs, save images and keep anything you consider proof.

Do not worry that too much data could be a nuisance, it is quite the opposite. The more data you have, the easier it is to handle the case.

Send the information

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This is undoubtedly what many of us probably do not know. You need to send all the information you have, along with your details (only if you want to) and a written message (optional) to this email address:

Once you have sent this information, attorneys will carefully examine the video and any information you give. This is extremely important as sometimes the case has already been tried or it may not from the country where you reside. Therefore, it will be outside their jurisdictional limits or it may not even be real.

Also a thorough review of the video will identify any people involved.

When the case is examined, the complaint will be sent to the police. They are responsible and can find the aggressor and enforce justice.

If you see abuse in person, it is best to take photos or videos of the animal. Include the condition, the place and if you see someone nearby. You need to send this to the email address above and follow the necessary procedure.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.