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Dwarf Rabbits Traits And How To Take Care Of Them Care for Them

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Because of their small size and behaviour, this pet is perfect for any home and caring for one is easy.
Dwarf Rabbits Traits And How To Take Care Of Them Care for Them
Last update: 11 November, 2018

Dwarf Rabbits have become the new trend, but not until recently, people knew that much about them. If you’re considering to get one or are curious about them, then this article can provide with good information about this cute animal.

Everything you need to know about Dwarf Rabbits

Physical traits

These animals are called Dwarf Rabbit because they are tiny, which makes them perfect to have at home. They don’t take up that much space and only measure 50 cm at most and weight 1 1/2 kilograms.

Although the small size of these rabbits may seem to be caused by a lack of growth hormones, they don’t look as if they have any defects that affect their health. 

Unlike other rabbits, their ears are shorter, their noses are flatter, and their bodies are more compact. They have shorter heads and the most common colors are black, white, grey, and brown.

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They’re agile and playful animals, but they can be independent in their own special way. There are several examples of these rabbits behaving more like dogs when it comes to their obedience and other aspects of their personality.

They tend to get nervous, which is why it’s recommended to get them neutered if you’re not planning on breeding them. By doing so, they will calm him down and make living with them much more relaxed.

It will also calm down their territorial instinct, which causes them to mark their territory by defecating and urinating in different places.

They have a hard time dealing with loud noises, so they are better off living in homes which are quiet and have a place where they can hide. These animals also have problems dealing with heights, so don’t hold them in your arms because they might get scared and bite you.

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Caring for Dwarf Rabbits

Due to their special personality, size, and fears, there are a number of things you need to know in order to take care of Dwarf Rabbits. Read below:

  • Brush their hair. Although they have short fur, it’s fine and silky, which means that knots up easily.
  • Find the right space for them. They don’t just need to be clean and fresh environment to relax in.
  • Take care of their eyes. Although their fur isn’t so long, it’s possible that it might get caught in their eyes, or the skin around their eyes might develop crust. If you regularly look after this part of their face on a daily basis,  your rabbit’s eyesight will be kept healthy.
  • Exercise. Rabbits are naturally nervous animals, and exercise is vital for them to be more balanced, healthy, and in shape.
  • Hay. Put hay in their cage because it’s very nutritious for rabbits.
  • Diet. Although rabbits can eat many vegetables and other human foods, it’s important to feed them food that’s specially made for dwarf rabbits.
  • Bathing. Rabbits tend to clean themselves as cats do, so you don’t need to bath him. But if for some reason he’s managed to get excessively dirty, you can clean off the dirt with a wet wipe.
  • Ears. Check their ears as often as you can. Although a dwarf rabbit’s ears are smaller than a normal rabbit’s, they’re droopy, which makes them the perfect place for parasites and infections.
  • VaccinationsRabbits have a vaccination schedule that should be strictly followed.

The dwarf rabbit is a perfect pet. They don’t require much care and are clean, quiet animals. If you decide to adopt one, follow these tips and enjoy your net pet!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.