Three Puppies have Survived after a Hotel was Buried in Italy

Three Puppies have Survived after a Hotel was Buried in Italy

Last update: 02 July, 2018

Press report news of an avalanche in central Italy. Rescuers searched for the missing among the ruins of the Rigopiano Hotel. Buried by the avalanche, they found 3 puppies alive. Let’s learn more about their story.

The news has also been shared by local media. The 3 mastiff puppies were found by the carabineros (militarized police) in the boiler room of the hotel. In this hotel, eleven people are safe, whilst 9 people have lost their lives, and twenty-one are still missing.

In order to save the puppies, specialists were able to knock through the wall that covered them. The puppies are now in an optimal condition, with veterinarians attending to them. The puppies are the offspring of Nuvola and Lupo, the 2 mastiffs that the hotel manager owns.

An ongoing investigation into the surviving puppies

The prosecutor in charge of the file, Cristina Tedeschini, informs the press that an investigation has been opened. This will look into all aspects of the avalanche and includes the hotel construction.

The hotel is located at an altitude of 1,300 meters. It is not yet known why it has been completely blocked by the intense snowfall that fell in the area, last week.

As the puppies have been found alive there is reason for celebration. Other life laying amidst the ruins, may exist, even five days after the event.

The moment of rescue

A member of the emergency team recounted the moment of the puppies rescue. According to his words: “It was difficult to find them because they were hidden. Then, we heard this soft bark, and we could see them through the small hole that firemen had opened in the wall. We enlarged the hole and took them out.”

Dogs survive many situations

Stray dogs are found in all countries. Generally this is due to irresponsibility of their former owners. More and more people and groups are coming together to help combat this problem.

In our day-to-day lives, we see very unpleasant stories of dogs. The most common case is that of abandonment.

Tips on how to approach abandoned dogs

puppies that have survived
  • Have a collar with a leash, a blanket and appealing food. This is helpful during the first contact with the animal.
  • The first action is to leave the food at a safe distance from the dog and for you to move away.
  • Sit down close to the dog, but not so close that he feels overwhelmed or frightened by your presence.
  • Have patience, let him get closer to the food, until he starts to trust you.
  • To gain his trust is very important. A stray dog is not used to affection or petting. On the contrary, he likely expects abuse because of his past experience. Wait patiently for him to allow gentle physical contact.
  • Put the collar on him, and you have made a very important step. Continue to pet him and give him food.
  • Once he is calm, put him into a vehicle and take him to your chosen place of safety. If his skin shows signs of infection or disease, cover him with a blanket.
  • Once inside, feed him initially, with homemade food. The diet of stray dogs is usually based on leftovers and a sudden change can cause indigestion.
  • After eating, give him a comfortable bed.
  • Take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible. He will need worming and to start his vaccination schedule. No money for veterinary care is no excuse to skip this step. Take the option of asking for help from animal protection organizations. Make posts and images on social networks so people who love animals can help.
  • If you are not going to keep him, contact an animal protection organization.  They will guide you in the process to find a new home.

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Title: Tres cachorros han sobrevivido en el hotel sepultado en Italia