To Adopt A Pet or Not

To Adopt A Pet or Not

Last update: 03 January, 2019

Whether you should adopt a pet or not, it can be a dilemma that may arise at some point in your life. Perhaps this concern has to do with making a decision between buying a pet or choosing one from a shelter. However, you must make sure if it’s the time is right to add a non-human member into the family. If you decide to adopt one, responsibility is essential for taking care of the pet.

The million dollar question: why do people want a pet?

Adopt a pet or not is no question for this girl who has a rabbit

The first question you should ask yourself is why do you want a pet? That’s why you should always be clear that having an animal implies taking responsibility for them throughout their entire life. Company, joy and a bunch of benefits come from having a pet. However, you shouldn’t forget about the responsibility required to having a pet.

For example, a cute and expensive animal from a breeder is always good to show off to your friends or while yout taking them out for a walk through fancy areas. So, if that’s your main goal, you should buy, according to your budget. First of all,  a pet is a living being that you must love and care for instead of being something to show off. 

Also, if your decision is to buy one, you must make sure that the breeder has a good reputation. The business of selling pets sometimes has a dark side of not taking good care of the animal. On the other hand, there are hundreds of abandoned pets, overcrowded shelters, strays, and thousands of animals are crowded in illegal farms and then displayed in pet stores.

To adopt or not to adopt? That is the question. If the conditions are right for you and you really want a pet, then don’t deprive yourself, or deprive your children of sharing your home with a pet.

Issues to consider when deciding to adopt a pet or not

Now, if you have never had a pet before and are considering the possibility of adopting one, but you also have your doubts, then you should answer a series of questions in your head before making the final decision:

  • Do you have enough space in your home to add a new member into the family?
  • Are you able to feed them properly, take them to the vet regularly, deworm them and give them all of their shots?
  • Does your budget cover the costs of being a responsible owner?
  • Do you have time to take them on walks, bathroom breaks, play games with them, etc.?

These questions are also good for figuring out the type of pet that best suits you according to your financial situation, time, and space.

Logically choose a pet from your heart

Once all these questions have been resolved and you decide to adopt an animal, don’t think twice about getting one. The rescues and shelters are full of these wonderful animals who deserve a second chance, you know it well. Also, abandonment doesn’t distinguish between pure breed and mixed breed pets, or between puppies or adults.

So by using your heart and logic, you will surely find the best friend for you or your family.

Or maybe you can find them directly on the street. Unfortunately, there are many animals that are in this situation. If this is the case, approach them carefully and, after finding out that the animal doesn’t have another family, have the vet run a check-up and provide you with advice on care for them.

Adopt. You won’t regret it.

Girl wants to adopt dogs and cats.

Then, making your decision to adopt a pet or not must be resolved by prioritizing the responsibility and love you can give them. 

If you can, don’t deprive yourself of adding a companion animal into your family and recieve all of their benefits.

That’s why you have to be sure that you can take care of them and respect them. Your new friend, if they feel loved, they will know how to repay all the love you give them.

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