Very Unique Names for Gerbils, of Egyptian and Arabic Origin

A unique name will be the difference between falling into oblivion, or being remembered for eternity. Whether it's for a male or female, the name should be short.
Very Unique Names for Gerbils, of Egyptian and Arabic Origin

Last update: 17 October, 2018

The name you give your pet will be important for the type of relationship you’ll have with it. How you remember it, how it relates to you and those around you, and ultimately the kind of life it will live in your home, all depend on the name you give them. With these creative names for gerbils, you can stray from the norm and give your pet an unforgettable name.

Names Inspired by Egyptian Mythology for Excellent Desert Dwellers

Gerbils are rodents that are usually found in Asian and African deserts. They are curious animals, with long legs and big ears, which are becoming popular pets.

You can find some ideas for naming your new gerbil by paying homage to the Egyptian culture because these animals usually come from  Egyptian deserts. You can take advantage of the references to this culture’s fascinating mythology.

Cute baby gerbil with its eyes closed

Take a look at these interesting female names that are inspired by Egyptian Mythology:

  • Anat, wife of Ra, the sun god, and goddess of war, fertility, and love.
  • Ishtar, of Syrian origin.
  • Bastet, a goddess normally represented by a cat. It embodies the peaceful side of the Egyptian goddesses.
  • Isis, the Greek name for the Egyptian goddess Ast. The Egyptians worshiped Isis as the “mother goddess” or the “Queen of the gods”.
  • Maat personifies truth, harmony, and justice. She is Ra’s daughter, represented by a woman with a large ostrich feather on her head.
  • Nepit, goddess of nature.
  • Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, made her mark in history as one of the most powerful queens of her time.

As far as male names for gerbils, you might like:

  • Horus, the god of Upper Egypt
  • Asim, which means “protector” in Egyptian
  • Odion, which means “twin” or “born of twins” in Egyptian
  • Adom, “the one who receives help from the gods”
  • Akil, “intelligent”
  • Atum, which can mean “all”

Names of Arabic Origin for Gerbils

Among Arabic names, which are usually long, you can give one of the following short Arabic names. 

Gerbil standing on his hind legs

Among the shortest female names for gerbils, you can consider:

  • Azhar, in honor of the orange blossom flower
  • Dalia, which means “bouquet” in Hebrew
  • Farah, of Islamic origin. It can be defined as “joy” or “joviality”
  • Hana, which means “peace of mind”
  • Kirvi, “godmother”
  • Lama, which literally means “dark lips”
  • Nadia, meaning “the first”

Among the shortest male names for gerbils, we suggest:

  • Adel, “the just and honored”
  • Fadi, which means “Savior”
  • Idris, in honor of the direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed
  • Jaul, “choice”
  • Marid, “the rebel”
  • Rami, “the shooter”
  • Zafir, “the victorious”

With this list, hopefully, you can pick out a name for your gerbil that’s quite unique.


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