Everything You Should Know About Adopting a Dog

Everything You Should Know About Adopting a Dog

Last update: 30 July, 2018

Adopting a dog is one of the noblest acts of all. However, adopting a dog is also a very serious decision that you need to consider carefully. So, if you’re thinking about adopting one, here are some things that you should think about first.

What should you ask yourself before adopting a dog?

Before you decide to adopt a dog, there are certain questions you should ask yourself before making a final decision.

Why do you want a dog?

Some people who love animals confuse that love with the responsibility that comes from having a pet. There are some people who adopt a dog because they’ve seen a certain breed that they like and want one to get one. Other people are just giving in to their children’s desires. Adopting a dog for either of these reasons is not good for you or the dog.

If you don’t think about the responsibilities that come with having a dog, it’s quite likely that you’ll end up getting tired of it. By no means think about abandoning your dog. This is unfortunately happening quite often.

You need to remember that a dog is not a teddy bear and they can live for up to 15 years. If you think that you can take the responsibility of having one, then go for it! If you’re not sure, give yourself more time think it over.

Dogs in a kennel

Will You Have Enough Time?

Dogs need emotional attention to be happy and healthy. As well as three walks a day to go to the bathroom, exercise, play, and spend time with you. In short, they need to feel loved. If you’re out all day, or don’t want to do anything when you get home, it’d be best that you forget about adopting a dog. Maybe a different kind of pet would be more suitable for you.

Do You Earn Enough Money?

Let’s not beat about the bush, a dog needs money. When you adopt a dog, you need to have thought about a good a number of things: bed, sheets, food bowl, water bowl, toys, collar, leash, etc. From the very first month you’ll need to schedule their vaccinations, chip, and get their documentation. In other words, all of this costs money. If you’re able to afford it all, then go for it!

Are You Ready to Share Your House?

It’s important to remember that from the moment you adopt a dog, the house will not be only yours anymore, it’s your dog’s as well. Especially, if you adopt a puppy, you should be prepared. It may scratch the furniture, eat your shoes, or even go to the bathroom on the floor. If you’re up to dealing with this without drama or losing your temper, then adopt one!

Are You Sure You’re Able to Have One Where You Live?

This is a really important to consider and be sure about before adopting a dog. There are some buildings that won’t allow dogs. If you rent, it’s possible that your landlord won’t allow you have one. If you’ve already decided to adopt a dog, ask and find out beforehand to avoid having any problems. If you live with your family, you should ask them too!

Road trip with dog

And When You Go on Vacation?

Remember that your dog will be around for many years. Therefore, if you travel a lot or go on vacations a lot, you need to have a plan, a place to leave your pet, and knowing that they’ll look after them just as well as you would. There are kennels, but sometimes dogs don’t adapt well and there can be problems. This is another thing to consider before adopting a dog.

Adopting a dog is not a game, or is something to be taken lightly. It means having a friend for many years of your life, which means there are pros and cons that you need to consider first. Therefore, once you adopt a dog you need to be consistent and responsible.

Don’t forget, dogs have feelings too and they can emotionally suffer. However, they love unconditionally and are faithful to their master, which is why they deserve your loyalty too.

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