Clothing Collection For Dogs By Adolfo Dominguez

Clothing Collection For Dogs By Adolfo Dominguez

Last update: 18 May, 2018

Dressing up pets is something that the rich and famous started long ago. But, this trend has changed with the passing of time, because more and more people are dressing up their animal companions. Celebrities also continue to do this, which is why great designers like Adolfo Dominguez have taken advantage of the opportunity to give free rein to their imagination by designing a clothing collection for dogs.

Adolfo Dominguez has created an exclusive and peculiar clothing collection for dogs. A dream for all of those who have a pet. Let’s learn a little more about this collection.

A new clothing collection for dogs by Adolfo Dominguez

clothing collection knit sweater

When canine fashions were first getting started, raincoats and some homemade wool jerseys were invented. But, today we can find all types of clothing collections for dogs and accessories, including diamond collars.

For this reason, Adolfo  Dominguez has risen to the challenge of dressing your dog in harmony with your unique style. He has created the best quality clothing with the most exclusive and fun designs.

In his catalog, he has chosen dogs with short hair, mostly dark colored. But, as you will see in the pictures that we will share below, they are so cute!

These are some of the clothing collections for dogs created and designed by Adolfo Dominguez:

  • High collar jersey. Made with the highest quality white wool, with braided touches and a slight high collar with enough width to avoid an uncomfortable feeling for your pet. Elegant and warm for your dog to take a walk during winter in style.
  • Red passion. A beautiful waterproof coat in red garnet in a half moon shape with an irresistible and exclusive style. You will not find another like it.
clothing collection for dogs rainproof coat
  • Raincoat. Adolfo Domínguez has created an earth-toned raincoat. Your dog will become the most spectacular Sherlock Holmes that you have ever seen. Putting up the collar gives the final stylish touch.

Of course, we know that the pricing of this collection is not accessible to everyone, so if you want to dress your dog and your budget is lower, you may need to consider other ideas.

Other ideas to dress up your dog

If your budget is limited, you can make your own clothing for your pet. If you know how to sew, it is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Take your dog’s measurements, which is the width and length of its body. Make a pattern as you would when making clothing for yourself. Don’t forget to make holes in the front for the front legs.
  • Choose an old sweater and put the pattern on the top, cutting along the marked lines.
  • Reinforce the thread because due to age it can quickly get frayed.

If you have an old jersey that you haven’t worn in ages, it is as easy as cutting off a sleeve. And if your pet is not too big, you can make two small holes in the front for their feet —your dog will be nice and warm all winter long.  

These are just some ideas, but you can,for example, make a simple small cape by cutting out a piece of cloth to cover your animal’s back. Play with the colors to give it that unique touch!

And, who knows? We may never be able to choose one of Adolfo Dominguez’s designs, but this may have created the precedent for other low-cost designers to create their own clothing collection for dogs that we can purchase.

If not, in the meantime, check out our magazine where you can find good ideas to sew your own pet collection, without the need to envy the great designers.

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