Meet Fosberg, The Dog Who Found a New Companion

Sometimes the best of friends are found in the most unusual places. After all, who said cats and dogs couldn't get along?
Meet Fosberg, The Dog Who Found a New Companion

Last update: 02 February, 2018

There are those that don’t believe in friendship between different species, who say that dogs look out for dogs, cats for cats, etc…Today’s story won’t show that unconditional friendship is blind to species, breed or gender, but rather will show the beauty of the heart. This is the story of Fosberg, a beautiful Golden Retriever and his good friend, a tabby cat whose name we don’t know, but who we’ll call Rony.

The story of Fosberg and Rony

Fosberg and Rony grew up together… well, Rony was almost five when the puppy came home. Having a cat and bringing home a dog is not always the easiest, as they are two different species with different natures and personalities. In many cases this brings with it problems.

That was not the case for Rony and Fosberg, seeing that they got along perfectly from the first moment. They went everywhere together, played together, ate together, napped together on the couch and many times even slept together.

It was a lovely and loyal friendship that with the passing of months and years grew even stronger.

Then suddenly…

Little did the protagonists of our story know that life was going to throw a curve ball that would bring them so much sadness: Rony was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. His owner, Jen Philion, did everything possible to save her cat, but the cancer was very aggressive and was going to take his life in just a few months, maybe even a few days.

That is why she had to make a drastic decision – she had to put him down. It was hard but was the right decision, as leaving Rony would have brought nothing but pain to the poor animal.

Fosberg’s life without Rony

When Jen came home after this painful experience, Fosberg came running to greet her and play with his dear friend. Imagine his surprise when he realized that the woman returned alone, without Rony!

dog and cat

The poor animal began to whine and look around for Rony everywhere, and in spite of Jen’s explanations, he would not give up searching. Fosberg did not understand what was happening – he only knew that his friend wasn’t there. When he finally came to terms with it, he hid away in a corner of the house that he only left to drink, as he refused everything else, even eating.

Every day he devoted hours on end to searching for Rony, a search with no success. His owner didn’t know how to handle the issue, but she knew if the poor puppy kept on going like this for too many more days, he would likely end up sick. 

Upon talking with her veterinarian, Jen came up with an excellent idea that she put into practice that very same day.

A new friend for Fosberg

Jen got Fosberg a new cat friend, Maxwell. A black cat that came home with the objective of making her dear pet smile again – would it work?

Although they did not know each other very well, they both smelled one another and approached each other a little more each day. Fosberg was now an adult dog and Maxwell a small kitten not used to having friends that were so big and furry.

Little by little the friendship grew and Jen started seeing scenes similar to those from before between Rony and Fosberg. The furry little pup  started eating again, the animals would play together, sleep together and go everywhere together.

Not much time passed before Fosberg was back to his old self, happy and loving life. According to his owner, it was obvious that the animal missed his life with a cat and the only thing that he needed was a new feline friend to make him happy again.

Although we’re sure that Fosberg will never forget Rony, perhaps we could apply the saying here that “time – and sometimes a rebound – heals all wounds.”

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