How to Have the Perfect Grooming Session at Home

How to Have the Perfect Grooming Session at Home

Last update: 10 June, 2018

Having a pet is more than just cuddling and petting your adorable little furry friend. It requires responsibility, and part of that includes grooming, which is important for your pet’s hygiene. So, you may ask yourself if you should get your pet groomed, or groom him yourself at home.

Many people choose to take them to the groomers each month, but not everybody likes this. Lots of people prefer to do it themselves at home. Although sometimes this can be expensive, it’s a good opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Follow these tips to make grooming your pet easier and more enjoyable.

Grooming at Home

Cat being groomed at home.

Although it seems like an exhausting job, it can be a very straight-forward task just by being organized. Therefore, in this article you will find out that grooming your pet is not so difficult.

Choose a Shampoo

Animal skin and hair is very different to humans, so it’s really important to have a special shampoo before you groom them. There are special and flexible dog shampoos that meet your dog’s needs, and will make his skin and fur look healthy and shiny.

Find the Perfect Space

Your dog needs a large enough space in order to bathe, not just for your dog’s comfort but your own as well. You’ll need a garden, patio, or large terrace, or otherwise a large bathroom where you and your pet can both move around easily.

Take Care Over Delicate Areas

The ears are one of a dog’s most delicate areas, especially when washing. It’s really easy for water to get in their ears and cause otitis, which can be difficult to deal with later. The best thing to do is to plug your ears with some cotton balls before getting your dog groomed at home.

Water Temperature

Don’t believe for a second that they can withstand hotter temperatures due to having thick fur and skin. It’s completely false and unnecessary. U se warm water, but losing it up more on the cold side than the hot. This will be the ideal temperature for your animal to be comfortable.

Begin Washing

Once wet, you can get rid of the dirt by applying shampoo to their legs and rubbing hard and carefully to remove it. Next you can groom his feet, which is the dirtiest area of his body because they have constant contact with the ground.

Then focus on their head, taking special care around the eyes and ears to avoid future problems.


In regard to rinsing, start with the head and rinse all throughout your hair by using plenty of water. Keep rubbing until the shampoo is all the shampoo is gone. You’ll have to take as long as it takes to make sure that they’re completely clean.


A dog being dried.

Before moving onto the part of the body pets hate the most, the dryer, it’s best to remove the excess water with a towel. The first thing you can do is let your dog’s hair air-dry. Second, let your dog’s hair dry in the open as much as you can so you don’t have to use a hairdryer for that long.

You can always use the following two options if the dryer frightens your dog. The first thing to do is to let him dry his hair in the open air. Second, you can also try a special canine hairdryer. These dyers make a lot less noise and the temperature doesn’t get too hot.


Finally, we get to the brushing. If you wish, and your dog is capable to withstand it, you can spray a little scented cologne. Then brush from the head, along their back, and then do their tail and feet.

Remember, brushing your dog every day will keep his fur healthy and shiny, and there will be no reason to have the groomer come over that often.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.