How to Throw a Dog Wedding for Your Four-Legged Friend

June 30, 2019
Believe it or not, our canine friends can fall head over heels in love too. In 2014, one doggy wedding became an instant internet sensation.

Just like a real wedding, these dogs were married in an emotional ceremony. The owners went all-out for the occasion, dressing their pets in wedding dresses and suits, and even buying wedding rings. So, why are more and more people deciding to do a dog wedding?

The event was organized by Christine Reynolds, a dog groomer from the UK. She spent more than $3500 to organize the perfect dog wedding for her pugs. In an interview, she said, “people must think I’m absolutely barking mad, but I know my pugs, and they’re in love, so getting them married seemed like the right thing to do”.

Wedding trends

In recent years, more and more people have started throwing weddings for their four-legged friends. For many owners, their pets are like their children, and they love being able to celebrate with them.

Dog wedding preparation

Just like for us humans, the wedding outfits are very important. When it comes to the bride-to-be, there are many options to choose from, with a huge variety of wedding dresses on the market. Normally people go for a classic white wedding dress, but you could also go for more of a party dress.

Tips for celebrating your dog’s wedding

  • Make sure all the dogs are well-socialized, and won’t get upset when surrounded by lots of people.
  • Buy a suitable outfit for the occasion.
  • A delicious dog-friendly wedding cake will add a really humorous (and delicious!) touch.
  • As a ring might be difficult to put on, try to find special collars for the newly-weds instead.
  • Wedding venue: gardens, parks, and even beaches make for great wedding venues (as long as they’re dog-friendly, of course).
  • Make a guest list and send out your wedding invitations. Obviously, the more dogs, the better.
  • What kind of music would be best for such an occasion? There are lots of different songs and styles of music which are proven to relax our canine friends, including classical and rock music.
  • Make sure to bathe and groom the happy couple before the ceremony to make sure they look their best for their special day.
  • Where can they celebrate their honeymoon? One place you could take them is a doggy spa. This will give them a chance to relax after the stress of the wedding.
  • Of course, you’ll also need to book a wedding photographer.
  • If you want to decorate the wedding venue with flowers or tuck one into your dog’s collar, you need to be careful to avoid plants that are toxic to your dog, such as narcissus, tulips, and lily of the valley.
  • You might find that your pets get a bit nervous during the wedding, so be prepared with ways to calm them if the need arises.
  • One good idea is to have their favorite treats on-hand to make sure the ceremony runs smoothly.
  • If you’re going to invite other dogs or animals to the wedding, you need to make sure they’ll all get on well together.

Doggy wedding: the guest list

Once you’ve written your guest list and sent out the invites, you’ll need to confirm who will definitely be attending so that you can prepare the venue and work out a seating plan.

It’s also important to ask any guests who are bringing a dog with them to make sure they keep an eye on them at all times. They know their pet better than anyone, and will be able to step in if the excitement is getting too much for them, or if they don’t get on with another dog.

Another interesting option is to hire dog-sitters. That way, the owners will be able to relax and enjoy the event, while their dogs are being well looked after.

Must-have items for your dog wedding

There are several things you’ll need to have on-hand throughout your doggy wedding, including water, food, toys, poo bags etc. It’s also important to provide trash cans where you can dispose of any mess.

Obviously, your venue needs to be nicely decorated, making sure it’s both pet-proof and pet-friendly.

Waiters will need to have plenty of patience, as they’ll constantly be navigating furry obstacles as they make their way among guests. They should also be prepared to receive any impatient diners who decide that it’s already time for the next course.