If You're A Busy Person, These Dogs Suit You Best

If You're A Busy Person, These Dogs Suit You Best

Last update: 05 May, 2018

If you’re a busy person, it’s best not to have a dog. Having animals at home means being responsible for their care and well-being in different ways.  If you really like animals despite all your responsibilities, then below you can find the most adaptable dog breeds that best suit your busy lifestyle.

Things to consider before getting a dog if you’re a busy person

Beautiful puppy

As you probably know, dogs are pack animals. So, they enjoy other people’s company and being left alone really bothers them. Even though you may be stationed at home, they really don’t like being ignored.

So, if you still insist on having a dog despite your limited schedule, you should make sure he is well-socialized and trained. That way, you can prevent possible behavioral problems due to your absence or lack of commitment to him. For example:

  • Destroying furniture, clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Peeing or pooping everywhere.
  • Barking, crying, whimpering.
  • Suffering from separation anxiety or compulsive behaviors (excessive licking, chasing his tail, etc.).

If you’re a busy person but still want a dog, the best thing to do is to seek professional advice in order to know which animal suits your lifestyle the best. Possibly consider adopting a cat or two. 

Before adopting or buying a dog, consider the responsibilities that come along with it

So, if you’re a busy person and still insist on getting a dog, you should know there are things you can’t stop doing. Or you must ask or pay another person to do them for you. For example:

  • Veterinary check-ups, vaccines, de-worming.
  • Washing and brushing.
  • Daily walks and exercise.
  • Proper nutrition.
  • Making sure the drinking water is kept clean.
  • Clean bed and accessories.

What kind of dog is good for busy people?

Do you still insist on having one? Besides being a busy person, you’re committed to having a dog even if you don’t have enough time for yourself.

Okay, so if you made it to this point, we recommend that you choose:

  • Adult animals. A puppy requires a lot more attention. Maybe it’s best to get an older dog, who doesn’t want to play and walk as much anymore. You can adopt one at a shelter.
  • Low energy breeds. Forget work dogs (shepherd, hunting, etc.), although there are always exceptions.
  • Dogs that don’t require a lot of grooming. In other words, dogs that have short hair.
  • Dogs that aren’t very big, or at least calm dog breeds. In these cases, everything seems to be easier if it comes in a small package.

Seek advice from a specialist in order to know what dog best suits busy people

While every dog is different, there are some breeds that can adapt to busy people like you because of their nature. Among them are:

No matter what, before adopting or buying one, take some time to seek some advice from a veterinarian or an animal behavioral specialist. The specialists will definitely know how to advise you on what breed will adapt better to your lifestyle.

Is it better to adopt a couple of cats?

If you have little time, another option is getting a cat instead of a dog. Felines have much less of problem being left alone.

Although on second thought, it’s better to have two cats. They will have a great time playing with each other and they won’t even notice your absence.

Now, despite all of your responsibilities and whichever pet you choose, don’t forget to give it your daily affection. Likewise, play with it for awhile. You will see how you release stress and how you get yourself feeling better again.

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